Yuvraj singh chawda

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I'm presently Pursuing B-tech from * '''Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology''' It is one of the best Technical institute in India. It is an institute of national importance.Which runs under MHRD (!)

At present I'm in 4th semester majoring in Information Technology.At present our class held at E block in room 209 I'm too much interested in open source technology.I love programming . (!)

I love Python. And I'm very happy to be its community member.I am glad to make Local User group of PYTHON in Madhya Pradesh. (!)

I'm good with python & C.I think python is one of best programming languages .It's syntax are easy as compared to others . I'm one of large number of Indians ,who are open source FANS. (!)

I'm campus representative of MOZZILA FIREFOX. I'm working for technicl society of mine College. (!)

Mine interest is basically in IT and Computers field .I'm also interested in Web development. As i love programming.Ilike playing computer games .I like creating Web pages. Counter-Strike is mine favorite game (sometimes i use this free cs 1.6 wallhack) for fun. I like skating . (!)

I like linux. And presently using UBUNTU 9.10. (!)

Presently I'm living in Hostel at MANIT in Bhopal.Basically I belong to Dewas. (!)

You can get me on orkut by searching YR........... (!)

On Facebook you can search me by my full name..... (!)

You can follw me on Twitter . (!)

You can connect to me at LinkedIn. (!)

Email: <<yuvraj.chakayr@gmail.com)>>



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