The Winnipeg Python Users Group

Welcome! We are about 60 Python users in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We formed in 2005 and for 3+ years we met monthly to listen to a presentation, learn from each other's experience programming in Python, or occasionally work on a project together. Since February 2009 we have not been meeting as regularly. Time will tell if this means we're dormant, taking a break, or just functioning as a mailing list of Python users in Winnipeg. We have members at all levels of experience from expert to novice, and our discussions aren't tied to any particular operating system or platform - so all are welcome. There is no charge to attend the meetings or join the group.

We encourage you to join our mailing list. The traffic is low and it provides a point for connection to Winnipeg Python users for events, job offers, etc. There are archives.

Meeting Times and Location

Meetings have traditionally been held the fourth Wednesday of the month from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 or 9:30 p.m. downtown, but we may try alternating between downtown and the U of M.

For meetings at Epic, the address is 167 Sherbrook, parking on the street or in the lot at the back, website

Future Meetings





Presentation File

7:30 p.m., Mar 23, 2011



Mark Jenkins


Past Meetings




Presentation File

Dec 13, 2005


Stuart Williams

Rough minutes

Jan 17, 2006

Teaching Programming with Python

Stuart Williams

Feb 22, 2006

Recent Code and List Comprehensions

Mark Jenkins

Mar 22, 2006

Database Access

Sydney Weidman

Python Database Access

Apr 26, 2006

Code review of text based game

Mike Pfaiffer

May 24, 2006

Object Oriented Python

Syd Weidman


Jun 28, 2006

Wrapping C Libraries

Mark Jenkins

Jul 26, 2006 sprint

Scott Balneaves

Aug 23, 2006

Starlanes2 sprint

Syd Weidman


Sept 27, 2006

Iterators and Generators

Jason Hildebrand


Oct 25, 2006



Nov 22, 2006

Python IDEs



Nov 22, 2006

Python IDEs

Various Artists

Jan 24, 2007

Some Beautiful and Ugly Code

Stuart Williams

Feb 28, 2007

GUI Development with Glade

Scott Balneaves

Mar 28, 2007

Django Tutorial

Syd Wiedman

Apr 25, 2007

Topic Planning


May 23, 2007

Python for System Administrators

Scott Balneaves

Jun 27, 2007

Batteries Included: A tour of the Python Library

See presenter list


Sep 26, 2007

Python Introduction, Decorators, and Protest Bag Searches

Stuart, Mark, Scott

Oct 24, 2007

Lightning Talks - How we've used Python recently


Nov 28, 2007

Misc: virtualenv, nose, optparse

Jason Hildebrand

Jan 23, 2008

Python 101

Stuart Williams

Feb 27, 2008

Python 102

Stuart Williams

Apr 23, 2008

What's new in Python 3000

Various Artists

May 28, 2008


Syd Weidman


Oct 22, 2008

PyUNO for OpenOffice Automation

Syd Weidman


Nov 26, 2008

win32 python module for MS-Office Automation

Stuart Williams

Jan 28, 2009

Python Scripting in the Enterprise

Stuart Williams

Feb 25, 2009

Future-proof Python 2.6 code for Python 3.0

Stuart Williams

Mar 25, 2009

No meeting

Apr 22, 2009


Feb 26, 2010

Tavern United downtown

PyCon reflections

Stuart Williams

Sep 22, 2010

University of Manitoba, 356 Parker

Introductions and Planning

Topic Ideas

The following are possible future topics.

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