Python Programming on Win32

ISBN: 1565926218,

O'Reilly & Associates,

672 pages (January 2000)

Shows how to use Python as a Windows development and administration tool. This book addresses all the basic technologies for common integration tasks on Windows: using COM, controlling applications such as MS Word, database access, and using Python to write Active Server Pages.

Slashdot review

From an anonymous reviewer: "Packed with useful practical stuff. Very well written. Good examples. Essential for any Python + COM work. One of the authors [Mark Hammond] wrote the PythonWin extensions, so he really knows what he is talking about. As a Python beginner's book it dives in deep very quickly, and although the intro to Python is good, it does assume prior programming experience. Lots of great stuff on how to connect Python with MS Excel and plenty of real-world operating system interfacing examples."

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