Where Do I Report ...?

A bug with Python itself

Raise an issue on the Python Issue Tracker

NB the Issue Tracker is not the place to ask for help with debugging your code. Only post there if you have good reason to believe that your code is correct but that Python itself is faulty. Check the Python FAQ first in case your issue is covered there.

A Python trademark question

If you wish to use Python as a trademark or have a question about someone who has, the PSF Trademark Usage page has the details.

You can contact the PSF Trademarks Committtee about specific issues not addressed by that page.

An issue with PyPI

If you notice a bug with PyPI raise it on their issue tracker. You will need to have (or create) a Bitbucket account to create issues. If this is a problem for you, please report the issue to webmaster@python.org who will attempt to post the issue for you.

A problem with the python.org Website

Problems with the website itself should be raised on their issue tracker.

A security vulnerability in Python or its infrastructure

Send a message to the Python Security Response Team.

A problem with one of the python.org mailing lists

Each mailing list hosted at python.org has one or more list owners. This list including the relevant mail address, is at the bottom of the admin page for each list. To find a list, go to the root page for the python.org mailing list and click on the list you want. Look at the bottom of the page for contact details.

A problem with the python.org Jobs board

The Jobs Board is managed separately from the main python.org website. You should send comments to jobs@python.org.

A documentation bug

A bug in the Python documentation can be raised on the Python issue tracker but you can also email the docs team.

An issue with the Python infrastructure

The infrastructure is managed by the Infrastructure team. They can be contacted via infrastructure-staff@python.org.

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