Bill Janssen has suggested reviving the Web SIG:

Possible deliverables:

SSL server support

Add SSL server-side support to the "socket" module. This will include some way of managing certificates. Probably modelled strongly after the way we did it in ILU, if [Bill Janssen does] it :-). and are more complete wrappers.

HTTP client updates

Update the "httplib" module to include all of the client-side functionality available in the Linux "curl" program (a reasonable checklist, I think, but am open to better suggestions).

Better support for HTTP Digest Authentication.

HTTP server improvements

Replace/extend the BaseHTTPServer and SimpleHTTPServer modules with an extended webserver module which provides at least the functionality in Medusa.

cgi module improvements

The cgi module is really old and has a number of obsolete classes. It should be cleaned up and modernized.

Anecdote: file upload support in Quixote was unreliable until Greg Ward threw up his hands, ditched, and reimplemented file uploads from scratch.

Add request/response objects to standard library

This has been brought up on the pyweb mailing list.

Add a module containing the HTTP status codes.

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