The idea: using the Python interpreter as an InteractiveShell.

Command execution

Use short method names:

   1 def S(arg):
   2   """returns string of executed command arg"""
   3   return os.popen(arg).read()
   5 def SN(arg):
   6   """returns list of executed command arg"""
   7   return os.popen(arg).read().split('\n')
   9 def SP(arg):
  10   """prints string of executed command arg"""
  11   print S(arg)
  13 def SNP(arg):
  14   """prints with lines list executed command arg"""
  15   for i in SN(arg):
  16     print i

Command execution is the one thing an InteractiveShell has to be good at. Typing S("<command>") is too much overhead for command execution. Still, a mixture of bash style command execution and shell programming with Python would be great.

I'd want the simple style of command execution from bash available:

cd /foo/bar

But also the Python style for more complex commands:


Some ways to execute the bash-style command:

-- JohannesGijsbers 2002-12-07 03:34:05

There is a project that attempts to acheive this. Quasi ( provides a shell within which Python can be freely mixed with OS (and certain database) commands. -- BenLast

Path manipulation

The os.path module provides a good set of functions for path manipulation, but you might also want to split the path at the root:

   1 import re
   2 def splitroot(s):
   3   if "/" not in s:
   4     return '',s
   5   if s[0] == '/':
   6     s = s[1:]
   7   m = re.match("(.*?)/(.*)$",s)
   8   return m.groups()

awk comparables

Simply use the re module. It's a fuller set of regular expressions. Create a wrapper function for a utility for this if you want call it inlinegrep.


The killall function was rejected by the BDFL. As far as I can see from the previous version of this page, Guido rejected it because it isn't in POSIX. I couldn't find any references on this in the mailing list archives. Anyone?

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