This page is derived from TrackerDevelopment.

Not only does this cover installing under a virtualenv, but it also covers installing Rietveld. That part is not entirely finished, however.

Before You Get Started


  1. Python 2.7 (or 3?)
  2. pip (under same Python)
  3. svn
  4. postgresql 9 server (devel)
  5. openssl (devel)
  6. swig
  7. patch
  8. virtualenvwrapper (pip install virtualenvwrapper)

Will be Installed

  1. psycopg2
  2. beautifulsoup
  3. m2crypto

Environment Variables

Set them however you like!

export WORKON_HOME=~/.envs
export PROJECT_DIR=~/projects
export MAIL_DOMAIN=spam.eggs
export TRACKER_HOST=localhost
export TRACKER_PORT=9999

virtualenvwrapper Initial Setup

echo "export WORKON_HOME=$WORKON_HOME" >> ~/.bashrc
mkdir -p $WORKON_HOME
source `which`

The Main Course

Initial Preparation

mkvirtualenv tracker  # leaves you in the virtual environment
pip install psycopg2
pip install beautifulsoup
pip install m2crypto  #
cd $VIRTUAL_ENV/build/m2crypto 
chmod u+x
./ build
./ install
echo 'export PGDATA=$VIRTUAL_ENV/pg_data' >> $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/postactivate

Set Up Postgresql

workon tracker
mkdir $PGDATA
pg_ctl initdb
# if needed, fix auth in $VIRTUAL_ENV/pg_data/pg_hba.conf
pg_ctl start
psql -c 'create user roundup' postgresql
psql -c 'alter user roundup with createdb' postgresql

Install Roundup

workon tracker
svn co
cd tracker/roundup-src
python install

Configure the Python-Dev Instance

workon tracker
cd $PROJECT_DIR/tracker/instances/python-dev
mkdir db
echo postgresql > db/backend_name
cp config.ini.template config.ini # and adjust settings
sed -i "s/localhost:9999/$TRACKER_HOST:$TRACKER_PORT/" config.ini
sed -i "s/#domain = NO DEFAULT/domain = $MAIL_DOMAIN/"
sed -i 's/\(def init(db):.*\)$/\1\n    return/' detectors/
$VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/roundup-admin -i `pwd` init

Fire It Up

workon tracker
cd $PROJECT_DIR/tracker/instances/python-dev
echo "export RU_INSTANCE=`pwd`" >> $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/postactivate
echo "export RU_HOST=$TRACKER_HOST" >> $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/postactivate
echo "export RU_PORT=$TRACKER_PORT" >> $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/postactivate
echo '"alias start-roundup=$VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/roundup-server -n $RU_HOST -p $RU_PORT python-dev=$RU_INSTANCE"' >> $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/postactivate
echo '"alias admin-roundup=$VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/roundup-admin -i $RU_INSTANCE"' >> $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/postactivate
start-roundup # and point your browser to localhost:9999

Install Rietveld

This part isn't working all the way, and is likely incorrect/missing pieces.

workon tracker
cd $PROJECT_DIR/tracker/instances/python-dev/rietveld
make all
cd $PROJECT_DIR/tracker/instances/python-dev/detectors

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