TkZinc (historically called Zinc) widget is very similar to Tk canvas in that they support structured graphics. Like the canvas, TkZinc implements items used to display graphical entities. Those items can be manipulated and bindings can be associated with them to implement interaction behaviors. But unlike the canvas, TkZinc can structure the items in a hierarchy, has support for scaling and rotation, clipping can be set for sub-trees of the item hierarchy, supports multi-contour curves. It also provides functions from openGL (when compiled with it), such as color gradient, anti-aliasing, transparencies and triangles item. The item set is quite powerful and includes field specific items for Air Traffic systems.

TkZinc as an extension to Tk, is only usable with Tkinter

Original website: gone


ANN: Tkzinc 3.2.2, by Guillaume Vidon 2005-06-18

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