In House User Groups

This page is intended to give the reader some hints and tips on "In House User Groups" within a company or organization.

What is an In House User Group

In House User Groups are similar to LocalUserGroups but with some specific differences that make starting, or running, one a little different. They are normally closed in the sense of being restricted in their membership to people within the specific company or organization. They often have some value above and beyond Local User Groups in that:

The aim of this page is to try to gather some tips and best practices for such groups but not everything will apply in all cases. Some points are more applicable to large, distributed or multinational, companies than to smaller, single site ones and, of course some are more general and apply to just about all cases so, the rest of this page is split into 3 sections: General Points, Small Organizations & Large Organizations.

General Points

A few general points to keep in mind:

Small Organizations

For small, single site, or only a couple of geographically close sites:

Large Organizations

Larger Organizations are significantly different to smaller ones and have some other considerations:

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