CPython is the default, most widely used implementation of the Python programming language. It is mostly written in C, most of the modules are written in Python itself. In case you want to make the changes which will be used by all the Python programmers worldwide, this is the project to work for.

Contacting CPython developers

One can contact the core developers over IRC or using mailing lists. #python-dev (on freenode) is the channel for core developers, the core mentorship mailing list is the place to an email discussion. Remember that the developers are may not be in your timezone, so it might take time to get a reply from anyone.

Getting Started

The best place to get started is the devguide. You will find all the instructions required to build your own CPython. Before contacting the mentors, it is better you start solving few bugs first.


We're still waiting to find out which mentors are available for Core Python/CPython projects. In the meantime, you can discuss ideas on the core mentorship mailing list.

1. bugs.python.org improvements

Project Details

There are several different tasks that can be tackled.

Students can select a substantial subset of these tasks for their proposal. The actual tasks and the order can be discussed with the mentor.

2. Add a REST API to Roundup

Project Details

For this project the student will design and develop a REST API for bugs.python.org. Even though this project is initially aimed to bugs.python.org, the plan is to eventually contribute the code upstream. This is what the student is expect to do during the project:

  1. design the REST API (see also https://mail.python.org/pipermail/core-workflow/2015-March/000142.html)

  2. implement it in our Roundup clone (https://hg.python.org/tracker/roundup/)

  3. develop some basic tool that uses the API (improved stats page, dashboard)

  4. possibly tweak the API if there are problems
  5. when stable, contribute it upstream (could happen after GSoC)

3. Use more unittest features in regrtest

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