Project ideas for Python Core in GSoC 2014

Students interested in "Python Core" projects will be working on the CPython Python language interpreter and related core packages.

Getting in touch with mentors

There are two important lists for students interested in Core Python development:

Students should subscribe to and read both lists, but should use the core-mentorship list to post questions and get started.

Getting Started

In addition to the mailing lists, students interested in contributing to core Python should take a look at the Developers guide



Possible email projects

Email project mentors


Don't spend your summer IDLE around the swimming pool spend your summer working on IDLE and make a difference. IDLE is Python's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is shipped with each Python release. Since IDLE ships with Python it is often the first IDE a new Python programmer uses. We want to make IDLE an awesome experience especially for people that are learning Python.

Possible IDLE projects

IDLE project mentors

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