This page coordinates the Google Summer of Code projects involving Python under the umbrella of the Python Software Foundation (PSF) in 2011.

The 2011 PSF GSoC coordinator is ArcRiley. Contact him if you have any questions.

Prospective Students

If you are a student interested in working on core Python development or on a project that helps the Python community, we'd love to have you apply to the Python Software Foundation for this year's Google Summer of Code.

You should join the soc2011-general mailing list and take a look at the Project Ideas section below. These ideas are intended to give a general idea what each project is looking for, you're strongly encouraged to talk with developers from these projects to learn more about them and flesh out your proposal.

Application deadline is Friday, April 8th. We strongly encourage you to submit your application(s) much earlier than this so you can work with your prospective mentor(s) in refining your application.

By Monday, April 18th all prospective students are required to have completed the following to pass final screening:

The code contribution is intended to demonstrate your ability to work with the project's toolchain, your current programming skill in contrast with the goals stated in your application, and your ability to work with the project's developers.

Students should read SummerOfCode/Expectations to understand what is expected of accepted students.

Please read SummerOfCode/Application for help completing your application.

Prospective Mentors

If your team has not done so already, please apply here to participate in GSoC under the PSF umbrella.

If your team has already been accepted it should appear below. Have your project's contact person email ArcRiley with your name, email, phone #, and link_id to be added to the mentor's mailing list and approved as a PSF mentor.

Core Python Ideas

These are ideas for the CPython interpreter and the Python standard library. These projects have top priority to the PSF as they have the potential to impact the whole Python community, but they are generally for students with more experience.

Most of these have a specific developer to contact about the idea. For discussion with the broader developer community join or #python-dev on


Useful skills and experience




PEP 302, importlib

Nick Coghlan


C, Unicode

Martin v. Löwis


C, compilers

Martin v. Löwis


C, compilers

Martin v. Löwis


virtualenv, C, testing

Carl Meyer



Martin von Löwis



Python, POSIX (processes, pipes)

Martin v. Löwis



Dave Malcolm



Alexis Metaireau



Tarek Ziadé



Tarek Ziadé



Éric Araujo



Carl Meyer

PSF Umbrella Teams

These are teams of developers working on Python projects participating in GSoC 2011 under the Python Software Foundation. Each has their own mailing lists, irc channels, and ideas page - click through to the ones that interest you for more details.

As with last year, applications for Python 3 projects will be prioritized over Python 2 and libraries over applications. These are not criteria for a team to be accepted under the PSF umbrella but will play a role in the student selection process.


Python C extension language

Website | | #cython on Freenode


Mailing list software written in Python

Website | | #mailman on Freenode | Ideas Page (on


Distributed version control system written in Python

Website | Mailing Lists | #mercurial on Freenode | Ideas Page


Python Javascript Compiler, Desktop Widget Set and RIA Web Framework

Website | | #pyjamas on Freenode | Ideas Page


Python tool that checks if a module satisfies a coding standard

Website | XMPP: | | Ideas Page


Python web framework

Website | #pylons or #pyramid on Freenode | | Ideas Page


Python interpreter/compiler for Python (and other languages)

Website | #pypy on Freenode | | Ideas page coming soon


Qt cross-platform application and UI framework

Website | #pyside on Freenode | Mailing List | Ideas Page


Python 3D Game Engine with a focus on cloud gaming

Website | #pysoy on Freenode | Mentors | Ideas Page


Scientific and Math Libraries for Python

Website | #scipy on Freenode

Website | Google group

Website | Ideas Page|

Website | Google group


A complete ERP and CRM providing modularity, scalability and security.

Website | #tryton on Freenode | | Ideas Page

Affiliated Groups

These Python groups are participating in Summer of Code as their own mentoring organizations.


Python library for symbolic mathematics

Website | #sympy on Freenode | Mailing List | Ideas Page


Python Wiki

Website | #moin-dev on Freenode | Ideas Page

Previous years

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