The codecs.StreamRecoder class re-encodes data between 2 character sets. Its constructor expects the information on 2 character sets in different forms. The user should specify the internal character set as a pair of encoder and decoder. She should provide the external character set by supplying class definitions of a codec-specific StreamReader and StreamWriter.

Pseudocode of codecs.StreamRecoder of the Python2.5 version:

   1 class StreamRecoder:
   2     def __init__(self, stream, e, d, class_sr, class_sw):
   3         # internal encoder, decoder^  ^external decoder, encoder
   4         self.r = class_sr(stream)
   5         self.w = class_sw(stream)
   6         ...
   8     def read(self):
   9         return self.e(
  11     def write(self, data):
  12         return self.w.write(self.d(data))

The codecs module defines a function codecs.EncodedFile() that will return an instance of StreamRecoder according to the supplied internal and external character sets.

See also: StreamReader, StreamWriter, StreamReaderWriter.


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