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Wiki Syntax Comparison

Courtesy of RadomirDopieralski...

MoinMoin 1.5 and earlier

MoinMoin 1.6 and later



["page name"]

[[page name]]

[ link text]

[[|link text]]

[:WikiName:link text]

[[WikiName|link text]]

[:page name:link text]

[[page name|link text]]




[[page name|link text|additional parameters]]

{{page name|link text|additional parameters}}

The rationale for the change is that links, apart from those in the WikiName and bare URL styles, end up with a uniform syntax, and the embedding of an object in the page is done by modifying the bracketing style. Previously, linking to a page in the same Wiki and using a label instead of the page name involved a relatively arcane syntax; this common case now fits in much better.

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