Packaging Sprint 2/3 April 2011


Start at 9:00am EST on Saturday and Sunday.


You can participate online by joining the #distutils channel on freenode and adding your name above.

Sprint Goals


Clone Tarek's cpython fork from Bitbucket and brush up on reStructuredText and Sphinx.

Hg repository

hg clone Most work will take place under the cpython/Doc/packaging/ directory.

Markup and doc generation

Docs are written using reStructuredText markup and auto-generated using Sphinx.


Most sprinters will be working remotely, feel free to meetup in small groups and update details here.


Sprint Report Day 1

Today was pretty productive as we managed to get the docs building without errors or warnings using the cpython method of building the docs.

Major Changes

Sprint Report Day 2

Today we had some new contributors to packaging, Guillermo López-Anglada and Piotr Dobrogost. Piotr Dobrogost made his first commit to cpython and Guillermo did a comprehensive review and edit of the enduser docs including the pysetup tutorial.

The rest of the sprinters focused on Sphinx/reST improvements, conforming to the Python documentation style guide, and basic spelling and grammar fixes. At this point, the packaging docs are now officially part of the cpython documentation tree. There is more work required to get the content of these docs up to par, but we are headed in the right direction.

Major Changes

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