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Session Chair Signup

Session chairs are responsible for introducing the speaker, and keeping the speaker to their time limit. It's a fun job. If you're going to be in the room for the talk anyway, you might as well sign up for the chair positio

Sign up is a pretty low tech affair for the time being. Within the next few days we'll have a fancy app up to make everything all nice and clean. In the meantime, if you'd like to chair any of these sessions, please edit the appropriate wiki cell like so: Really Great talk (Some person) (CHAIR: YOUR NAME

If you have any questions about this rather ad hoc process, email

"PyCon 2008 Talks Schedule Worksheet -- FRIDAY March 14th"

"Ballroom II

"Ballroom III

"Ballroom IV

"Ballroom V"

11:00:00 AM "30+5

"066 B Using Python To Teach Object-Oriented Programming in CS1 (Dr. Michael H Goldwasser, Dr. David Letscher)

"014 I Developing With repoze.zope2 (Mr. Chris P McDonough)

"100 I Buffer interface in Py3K (Travis E Oliphant)

"070 I Database development with Jython, SQLAlchemy, and Hibernate (Mr. Frank J Wierzbicki)"

11:35:00 AM "30+5

"131 B MPI Cluster Programming with Python and Amazon EC2 (Peter Skomoroch)

"053 I Your Pythonic Math Class of the Future (Kirby T Urner)

"002 I How Import Does Its Thing (Mr. Brett Cannon)

"128 A A New Compiler for Jython (Jim Baker, Mr. Tobias Ivarsson)"

12:10:00 PM "30+0

"098 B Running a Successful Usergroup (Jeff Rush)

"087 I Stackless Python 101 (Mr. Christian Tismer)

"079 I Python references and practical solutions to reference-related problems (Dr. Tim Couper)

"043 A Applying expert system technology to code reuse with Pyke (Bruce Frederiksen)"

12:40:00 PM 90 "Lunch"

02:10:00 PM "30+5

"061 B Dogtail :: “Taking your applications for a walk” (Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy Yekulla)

"036 I Case Study: Embedding Python into Counter-Strike: Source (Mr. Mattie Casper)

"030 A PyTriton: building a petabyte storage system (Jonathan Ellis)

"004 I Using Optparse, Subprocess, and Doctest To Make Agile Unix Utilities (Noah Gift)"

02:45:00 PM "30+5

"103 B Using .NET Libraries in CPython (Mr. Feihong Hsu)

"094 I Python - all a scientist needs. (Dr. Julius B. Lucks)

"025 I Rich UI Webapps with TurboGears 2 and Dojo (Mr. Kevin Dangoor)

"028 I Python in System Administration: How, When, and Why one SysAdmin uses Python (Mr. Sean Reifschneider)"

03:20:00 PM "30+5

"051 B Jython on the Joint Strike Fighter (Mr. George F Rice)

"052 I Use Google Spreadsheets API to create a database in the cloud (Mr. Jeffrey W Scudder)

"068 I The State of Django (Adrian Holovaty)

"075 I Tahoe: A Robust Distributed Secure Filesystem (Brian Warner)"

03:55:00 PM "30+0

"095 B Like Switching on the Light: Managing an Elastic Compute Cluster with Python (George Belotsky, Heath Johns)

"139 I High performance Network IO with Python + Libevent (Michael M Carter)

"064 A Django: Under the Hood (Marty Alchin)

"076 I The REST is Easy (Paul Winkler)"


PyCon 2008 Talks Schedule Worksheet -- SATURDAY March 15th",,,



Ballroom II"

Ballroom III"

Ballroom IV"

Ballroom V"

11:00:00 AM


009 B Using PyGame and PySight to Create an Interactive Halloween Activity (Mr. John Harrison)"

032 I Decorated State Machines (Mr. Rodney Drenth)"

033 I SQLAlchemy 0.4 and Beyond (Mike Bayer)"

041 A Supervisor as a Platform (Mr. Chris P McDonough, Mr. Mike Naberezny)"

11:35:00 AM


116 B Core Python Containers -- Under the Hood (Mr. Raymond D Hettinger)"

085 X Fun with Frames, Metaclasses, Magic Methods, and Decorators (Mr. Feihong Hsu, Mr. Kumar McMillan)"

063 I Roll Your Own Data Persistence in Python (Mr. Sean J Taylor)"

121 I Managing Complexity (and testing) (Matt Harrison)"

12:10:00 PM


091 B To RE or not to RE - parsing text in Python (Anna M Ravenscroft)"

127 I Unicode In Python, Completely Demystified (Mr. Kumar McMillan)"

037 I Developing reusable Django applications (James Bennett)"

106 I py.test: towards interactive, distributed and rapid testing (Brian Dorsey, Maciej Fijalkowski, holger krekel)"

12:40:00 PM,90


02:10:00 PM


134 B Python-powered Multitouch (Peter Z Wang, Mr. David Kammeyer, Robert Kern)"

021 I Sights and sounds with pyglet (Mr. Alex Holkner)"

088 A Stackless PyPy (Mr. Christian Tismer)"

077 I Using Grok to Walk Like a Duck (Mr. Brandon C Rhodes)"

02:45:00 PM


065 B End-user computing without tears using Resolver, an IronPython spreadsheet (Mr. Giles Thomas)"

140 I Case Study of Python Application Development -- Humanized Enso (Jono DiCarlo)"

117 I The Power of Django Admin (Even For Non-Django Projects) (Mr. Steven C Wilcox)"

126 I Building Trac Plugins (Mr. Noah Kantrowitz)"

03:20:00 PM


005 B Getting started with test-driven development. (Mr. Jonathan Hartley)"

048 B IronPython: The Road Ahead (Mr. Jim Hugunin)"

089 I Don't call us, we'll call you: callback patterns and idioms in Python (Alex Martelli)"

123 B 2to3: translating Python 2 to Python 3 (Mr. Collin Winter)"

"Ballroom II

"Ballroom III

"Ballroom IV

"Ballroom V"

11:00:00 AM "30+5

"078 B Consuming HTML (Ian Bicking)

"084 I More Iterators in Action (Jim Baker)

"039 A What Zope did wrong (and how it's being fixed) (Lennart Regebro)

"099 I Programming Microsoft Office using Python (wesley j chun)"

11:35:00 AM "30+5

"013 B Crunchy: Crunching on Python Documentation (Mr. Johannes Woolard)

"024 I nose: testing for the lazy coder (Jason Pellerin)

"125 I Programming for the One Laptop Per Child laptop (Mr. Charles Merriam)

"132 I Developing, Testing, and Debugging Python Applications with Wing IDE (Mr. Stephan R.A. Deibel)"

12:10:00 PM "30+0

"071 B Pylons and TurboGears: Working together on the web (Mark Ramm)

"003 I Python in your Browser with IronPython & Silverlight (Mr. Michael J Foord)

"060 I Introducting Agile Testing Techniques to the OLPC Project (Dr. Titus Brown)

"074 A Adventures in Stackless Python/Twisted Integration (Mr. Andrew A Francis)"

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