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Session chairs are responsible for introducing the speaker, and keeping the speaker to their time limit. It's a fun job. If you're going to be in the room for the talks anyway, you might as well sign up for the chair position. You should sign up for a block starting from a break to the next break. Please, come before the session starts and get to know the speakers! If you can say something really brief and entertaining about each of the (3) speakers in your block please do so. Some speakers may not want to promote themselves, but the Chair can edify them. Being a chair is about as difficult as being a herd bull. He does not do much for very long but if he does it right he is 1/2 of the final product. But if the chair is impotent there will still be a final product, unlike an impotent herd bull who will ruin the whole herd. This chair job is easy but it is more than just reading the name of the speaker and the topic. Some speakers need adapters for video, audio, or even electricity. I even helped one who only had a flash disk and had to borrow a laptop. Usually there is water for the speaker. The Chair needs to point out things to new speakers and make them feel at ease. If you do not know all of the above, sign up for anything except the first session, read the directions, and watch experienced Chairs before your sessions.

Sign up is a pretty low tech affair for the time being. Within the next few days we'll have a fancy app up to make everything all nice and clean. In the meantime, if you'd like to chair any of these sessions, please edit the appropriate wiki cell like so: Really Great talk (Some person) (CHAIR: YOUR NAME

If you have any questions about this rather ad hoc process, email

PyCon 2008 Talks Schedule Worksheet -- FRIDAY March 14th


Ballroom I

Ballroom II

Ballroom III

Ballroom IV


Chair 1

Chair 2

Chair 3 Richard Jones

Chair 4 Johnny Stovall oouc AdSymbol yahoo

11:00:00 AM "30+5

"066 B Using Python To Teach Object-Oriented Programming in CS1 (Dr. Michael H Goldwasser, Dr. David Letscher)

"014 I Developing With repoze.zope2 (Mr. Chris P McDonough)

"100 I Buffer interface in Py3K (Travis E Oliphant)

"070 I Database development with Jython, SQLAlchemy, and Hibernate (Mr. Frank J Wierzbicki)"

11:35:00 AM "30+5

"131 B MPI Cluster Programming with Python and Amazon EC2 (Peter Skomoroch)

"053 I Your Pythonic Math Class of the Future (Kirby T Urner)

"002 I How Import Does Its Thing (Mr. Brett Cannon)

"128 A A New Compiler for Jython (Jim Baker, Mr. Tobias Ivarsson)"

12:10:00 PM "30+0

"098 B Running a Successful Usergroup (Jeff Rush)

"087 I Stackless Python 101 (Mr. Christian Tismer)

"079 I Python references and practical solutions to reference-related problems (Dr. Tim Couper)

"043 A Applying expert system technology to code reuse with Pyke (Bruce Frederiksen)"

12:40:00 PM 90 "Lunch"


"Chair 1

"Chair 2

"Chair 3

"Chair 4

02:10:00 PM "30+5

"061 B Dogtail :: “Taking your applications for a walk” (Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy Yekulla)

"036 I Case Study: Embedding Python into Counter-Strike: Source (Mr. Mattie Casper)

"030 A PyTriton: building a petabyte storage system (Jonathan Ellis)

"004 I Using Optparse, Subprocess, and Doctest To Make Agile Unix Utilities (Noah Gift)"

02:45:00 PM "30+5

"103 B Using .NET Libraries in CPython (Mr. Feihong Hsu)

"094 I Python - all a scientist needs. (Dr. Julius B. Lucks)

"025 I Rich UI Webapps with TurboGears 2 and Dojo (Mr. Kevin Dangoor)

"028 I Python in System Administration: How, When, and Why one SysAdmin uses Python (Mr. Sean Reifschneider)"

03:20:00 PM "30+5

"051 B Jython on the Joint Strike Fighter (Mr. George F Rice)

"052 I Use Google Spreadsheets API to create a database in the cloud (Mr. Jeffrey W Scudder)

"068 I The State of Django (Adrian Holovaty)

"075 I Tahoe: A Robust Distributed Secure Filesystem (Brian Warner)"

03:55:00 PM "30+0

"095 B Like Switching on the Light: Managing an Elastic Compute Cluster with Python (George Belotsky, Heath Johns)

"139 I High performance Network IO with Python + Libevent (Michael M Carter)

"064 A Django: Under the Hood (Marty Alchin)

"076 I The REST is Easy (Paul Winkler)"

"PyCon 2008 Talks Schedule Worksheet -- SATURDAY March 15th"


"Ballroom II

"Ballroom III

"Ballroom IV

"Ballroom V


"Chair 1 Richard Jones"

"Chair 2

"Chair 3

"Chair 4

11:00:00 AM 30+5"

009 B Using PyGame and PySight to Create an Interactive Halloween Activity (Mr. John Harrison)"

032 I Decorated State Machines (Mr. Rodney Drenth)"

033 I SQLAlchemy 0.4 and Beyond (Mike Bayer)"

041 A Supervisor as a Platform (Mr. Chris P McDonough, Mr. Mike Naberezny)"

11:35:00 AM 30+5"

116 B Core Python Containers -- Under the Hood (Mr. Raymond D Hettinger)"

085 X Fun with Frames, Metaclasses, Magic Methods, and Decorators (Mr. Feihong Hsu, Mr. Kumar McMillan)"

063 I Roll Your Own Data Persistence in Python (Mr. Sean J Taylor)"

121 I Managing Complexity (and testing) (Matt Harrison)"

12:10:00 PM 30+0"

091 B To RE or not to RE - parsing text in Python (Anna M Ravenscroft)"

127 I Unicode In Python, Completely Demystified (Mr. Kumar McMillan)"

037 I Developing reusable Django applications (James Bennett)"

106 I py.test: towards interactive, distributed and rapid testing (Brian Dorsey, Maciej Fijalkowski, holger krekel)"

12:40:00 PM,90 "Lunch",,,


"Chair 1

"Chair 2

"Chair 3

"Chair 4

02:10:00 PM 30+5"

134 B Python-powered Multitouch (Peter Z Wang, Mr. David Kammeyer, Robert Kern)"

021 I Sights and sounds with pyglet (Mr. Alex Holkner)"

088 A Stackless PyPy (Mr. Christian Tismer)"

077 I Using Grok to Walk Like a Duck (Mr. Brandon C Rhodes)"

02:45:00 PM 30+5"

065 B End-user computing without tears using Resolver, an IronPython spreadsheet (Mr. Giles Thomas)"

140 I Case Study of Python Application Development -- Humanized Enso (Jono DiCarlo)"

117 I The Power of Django Admin (Even For Non-Django Projects) (Mr. Steven C Wilcox)"

126 I Building Trac Plugins (Mr. Noah Kantrowitz)"

03:20:00 PM 45+0"

005 B Getting started with test-driven development. (Mr. Jonathan Hartley)"

048 B IronPython: The Road Ahead (Mr. Jim Hugunin)"

089 I Don't call us, we'll call you: callback patterns and idioms in Python (Alex Martelli)"

123 B 2to3: translating Python 2 to Python 3 (Mr. Collin Winter)"

"PyCon 2008 Talks Schedule Worksheet -- SUNDAY March 16th"


"Ballroom II

"Ballroom III

"Ballroom IV

"Ballroom V


"Chair 1

"Chair 2

"Chair 3

"Chair 4

11:00:00 AM "30+5

"078 B Consuming HTML (Ian Bicking)

"084 I More Iterators in Action (Jim Baker)

"039 A What Zope did wrong (and how it's being fixed) (Lennart Regebro)

"099 I Programming Microsoft Office using Python (wesley j chun)"

11:35:00 AM "30+5

"013 B Crunchy: Crunching on Python Documentation (Mr. Johannes Woolard)

"024 I nose: testing for the lazy coder (Jason Pellerin)

"125 I Programming for the One Laptop Per Child laptop (Mr. Charles Merriam)

"132 I Developing, Testing, and Debugging Python Applications with Wing IDE (Mr. Stephan R.A. Deibel)"

12:10:00 PM "30+0

"071 B Pylons and TurboGears: Working together on the web (Mark Ramm)

"003 I Python in your Browser with IronPython & Silverlight (Mr. Michael J Foord)

"060 I Introducting Agile Testing Techniques to the OLPC Project (Dr. Titus Brown)

"074 A Adventures in Stackless Python/Twisted Integration (Mr. Andrew A Francis)"

Richard Jones ( will also volunteer to help run the Lightning Talks.

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