There are several ways to use Secure Shell (SSH) in Python.


Paramiko is a native Python implementation of SSH.



conch is another native implementation of SSH and part of the Twisted Matrix project


Fabric uses paramiko to implement a higher-level API for performing commands over SSH, particularly for deployment and system administration tasks.


Spur is a thin wrapper around paramiko, aiming to provide a simpler API than paramiko for common SSH operations.

SSH wrapper

Some tools just wrap around existing ssh/sftp implementations.

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I'm investigating the use of SSH in Python.

I want something that will work in both Windows and Linux, that can operate like sftp/psftp. So, I'm thinking about paramiko, since it's pure Python.

-- LionKimbro 2006-03-26 00:20:01

You can use org.keyphrene. This library has been tested on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

-- Vincent 2006-04-06 18:02:01

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