Tools for scripting Java using Python

This page lists tools for Java/Python interoperatbility.

The purpose of this page is to provide:

Active Projects

JCC is a wrapper generator for Java APIs, exposing them to C++ and Python, and producing Python extensions which communicate via JNI with a Java virtual machine.

Jepp embeds CPython in Java. It is safe to use in a heavily threaded environment, it is quite fast and its stability is a main feature and goal.

JPype is an effort to allow python programs full access to java class libraries. This is achieved not through re-implementing Python, as Jython/JPython has done, but rather through interfacing at the native level in both Virtual Machines.

Jython (formerly: JPython) is a Python-to-Java bytecode compiler. It is written in Java. Most Python scripts should run with little or no modification on Jython. The exception is scripts that use Python extensions written in C. Some modules in the standard library may not be available in Jython.

Laurent Pointal comments on these and a few other Java-related Python projects in a page he maintains.

Discontinued Projects

javaclass is a project which attempts to import Java class files as Python modules by translating the structures and bytecode.

JPE (Java-Python Extension) uses JNI to provide a bridging mechanism between Java and a Python interpreter (including use of C extensions for Python).

JPI was a two-way Python-Java Interface.

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