The Quixote BoF session will be a rare chance for users and developers of Quixote to chat.

Possible discussions:

* Plans for Quixote 1.0 (that is, the roadmap)

Additional suggestions?

* +1 on the roadmap dicussion.

* form2 "roadmap"

* discussion of the sandbox idea? Can we set up a semi-permanent one? What code can we contribute? Small but complete examples of Quixote-driven apps, esp. showing different ways of connecting to data sources (rdbms, zodb, etc.)?

* are there some HOWTO documents that we could outline, for addition to the Wiki?

* discussing the Nevow syntax: is there interest? should we maintain our own, or wait for the Twisted version & integrate it?

* thoughts on a "Powered By Quixote" button?

Observations: I18N for Quixote is important; how do you use gettext with it?

Unicode support in PTL?

PTL unicode all the way?

A few people would use the sandbox -- not an overwhelming number, though.

The old stdlib request/response idea.

Transaction management for relational database

Look at Graham's context patch and consider adding it. (Name? model, context, facade, application, container, landscape?)

Advocacy ideas:

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