Abilian is a French software development company that specialises in Python, that also develops or maintains a few open source frameworks and librairies. We provide specific development, training and consulting in Europe.

Agiliq Info Solutions is an app development studio building web and mobile apps. We develop custom web applications using Django, Python and Jquery. We build native mobile apps using Java, Objective-C, Phonegap and other modern tools. We primarily work with startups, small businesses and other agencies. We love building amazing apps. We have done it in the past. We are doing it right now, and we can do it for you.

A Python Consultant providing training and consulting in Python and available to solve your challenging issues related to software development challenges. I have been working in Open Source Technologies from last 10 years and acquainted with most of the real world problems. If your want a team I have a group of expert professionals to work for you. Contact: ssharma@pythonconsulting.in

Agile Objectives, LLC keeps your projects on track by using Agile methodologies. You'll know exactly where the project stands at all times and have full control over the priority of the deliverables. We leverage the capabilities of Python, Jython, and Zope for reduced time to market. Contact: hart@gol.com

Antonio Cuni is an expert of Python and PyPy core developer, based in Italy. He offers consultancy in Europe.

Anubavam LLC is a San Antonio based Software development company with offices in Chennai, India. We have developed Web 2.0 applications in Django, written several run time APIs. We have also worked on Plone and CherryPy. Our Python developer page http://www.anubavam.com/python-developer Contact: http://www.anubavam.com/contact-us

AnvilEight is a Python & Django web and mobile development shop based in Ukraine. We build back-ends and website primarily with Django and Flask. We do API-driven front-ends with React.js and Angular.js as well. We also provide mobile development services building iOS and Android applications while creating API in Python.

Art & Logic is a software developer, providing Windows, Mac OS, and Web development services. Art & Logic is a big fan of Python, and uses it where appropriate. Art & Logic has worked for over 200 clients, including Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, Apple Computer, and Fox, since 1991.

Atrrios Ltd is a Serbian software, graphics design, and R&D company based in Belgrade. Atrrios Ltd offers training and consulting services in the field of software development using Python programming language, computer network design and administration. We offer highly scalable, distributed and decentralized software design and implementation done in Python. Solutions that we suggest are multi-platform desktop and web applications with our personal touch of innovation.

AXANT is an Italian software development company specialised in Python. All the software engineers in AXANT are Python experienced developers with contributions to opensource projects and a 10 years long history of delivering Python based projects.

BairesDev is the fastest-growing Technology Solutions company in Latin America. Our applicant pool is the largest in the industry: over 240,000 Software Engineers apply to work with us each year, and we hire only the Top 1% IT Talent, creating solid teams of 100% bilingual veteran developers.

We provide end-to-end software delivery for companies of all sizes, from startups to some of the biggest companies in the world, including Google, Rolls-Royce, Pinterest, EY, SiriusXM, Motorola, Viacom, among others. The heart of our work is Software Outsourcing, Testing and Operational Support which we provide through a service of fully managed teams that integrate seamlessly into any project. Contact us and let us know about your company, your outsourcing needs, or your planned projects.

BAT Systems are system developers working in Python along side C/C++/Delphi/SQL (and others). We specialize in realtime/embedded systems and in Nokia Series 60/80 smartphone development.

BeClasp Consulting is a New Delhi, India based software development firm specializing in Python Development and Training.

Cartwheel Web Development is a Los Angeles firm that specializes in Python and Django consulting. Python and Django classes, workshops, bootcamps, and hackathons are held at Cartwheel's San Fernando Valley office on a regular basis. The firm is led by Daniel Greenfeld and Audrey Roy, the creators of Django Packages.

Codemera is an independent software company made of people passionate about the web, with skills within the realms of development, design and content. The team has come together either from friendship, previous working experiences or a random tweet, and since 2011 our shared passion has kept us in constant collaboration. We've done our homework, we know our craft, but most importantly, we enjoy doing it. Contact us at : info@codemera.com

Codemyphd is a Tech startup specialized in Python and dedicated to the scientific community. Codemyphd provides cost effective coding soultions to students and professions. Visit Codemyphd for example projects we have worked on .Contact us at : contact@codemyphd.com for further information

Code B is a leading Python development firm in Asia that offers specialized and outsourced Python app development services to its clients around the world. We have a team of Python experts that build scalable and intuitive Python applications and enterprise systems. Our Python development services are one of the most comprehensive in the industry and offer support throughout the life-cycle of the product from initial deployment to regular updates. Contact Code B today to learn more about Python app and software development.

Code Sprinters develops web applications in Python and other dynamic languages using agile methods (XP, Scrum). We provide outsourced development services (we build social networks, other commercial web applications), specializing in business systems (CRM/billing, payment processing for web sites etc.).

Continuum Analytics specializes in solving large-scale technical computing problems with an emphasis on data management, analysis, and visualization. Backed by years of industry experience, Continuum’s highly-trained consultants provides consulting services for clients in energy, finance, defense, biology, medicine, and many other domains. Areas of expertise include big-data analytics, scientific computing, GUIs and visualization projects (web or desktop), and performance optimization.

Cusy GmbH offers solutions for big-data analysis and scientific computing solutions, including custom application development, consulting and training for our clients in the research & development, energy, healthcare, media & publishing and non-profit sectors.

Constant Time Dynamic DNS offers custom consulting services in Python. We specialize in large-scale site administration tools development. Contact info@constanttime.com

CyberWeb Consulting We are dedicated to serving your Python training and software development needs. Based in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, we are close to the heart of innovation and can travel worldwide. We've been in business since 1995 and have over 25 years of programming, writing, and teaching experience. Our principal consultant is a senior software architect, technical trainer, and author of "Core Python Programming," one of the most well-received and highly-regarded Python books on the market. He was one of the original members of the Yahoo!Mail team, who built it using Python.

Dancing Bison Enterprises The founder and lead consultant, Vasudev Ram, is a developer, consultant, trainer and writer, with many years of experience in many technical areas and some project management and software engineering experience. He was the team leader for a database middleware product developed in C on Windows, is the creator of xtopdf, a Python toolkit for PDF creation from other data formats, and a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation. Users of xtopdf include Packt Publishing (UK), the Software Freedom Law Center (US), and ESRI (NL), among others. We have done projects for American, European and Indian clients in Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, SQL and databases, MongoDB, PDF generation and PDF text extraction, command-line utility development and other technologies and areas. Hands-on technical evaluation and recommendation of new technologies, such as evaluating multiple alternative software libraries for use in projects, and recommendation of a choice out of the ones evaluated, is another area we have done real-life work on for clients. Based in India. Can work anywhere via the Net. Have good skills, built over years of real life work, in many of those aforementioned technologies. Published an article about Linux command-line utility development in C, on IBM developerWorks Many years of software development experience, including both working for large international and Indian software companies and for small companies, including startups. Developed multiple open source software products in Python - see our Products page. Published technical articles on Python, C, Linux, and PDF generation at Packt Publishing, IBM developerWorks, and Linux For You magazine (now Open Source For You). Available for Python, open source and related consulting work. Please visit our Contact page to get in touch or request a quote.

DjanSoft is an agile software consulting company in Los Angeles specializing in web applications. Our problem-solving skill set includes Python, Django, Ajax/JavaScript, Jython/Java and cloud computing technologies such as Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services.

eGenix.com offers software, skills and services for companies investing in Python. We can make your Python projects a success by helping you in all phases of the Python-based software project: project planning, training, management, consulting, programming and testing. Our products include the well-known eGenix Python mx Extensions, Python add-ons such as mxODBC and open-source mxDateTime as well as complete web application service engines built around our high performance eGenix Application Server.

Engenuity Corporation builds custom industrial control and automation applications in Python. We offer a variety of consulting services, including training, project management, digital hardware design, automated test development, and more, and are happy to pass on to you our unique experience using Python for and in support of all of the above.

Enthought, Inc. provides scientific computing solutions using Python. Custom application development, consulting, F/OSS package distribution and support, sponsorship of conferences (SciPy Conference) and tools development (code.enthought.com, scipy.org) -- all with a focus toward beautiful interfaces, intuitive data visualization and modern scripting. Located in Austin, TX and working around the world for Fortune 100 companies, Enthought applies some of the best minds in science and software to the world's most interesting problems.

GOF Consulting Pvt. Ltd. - India based Software Development company having 10+ years of experience in various technology stacks. Contact us at info@gofconsulting.com

Green Dragonfly LLC has expertise in working on the core Python interpreter, and in writing programmer-oriented documentation. Available for part-time programming and writing tasks.

Etienne Robillard - Python developer based in Montréal. Employs Agile software development methodologies to deliver competitive and scalable solutions in Django. Contact: tkadm30@yandex.com

Hendrikx ITC, The Netherlands - We improve and automate data processing by providing open, high-performance solutions.

Heptacube R&D is a software design studio in Montréal. Get in touch with us for all your Python needs. Heptacube staff are proven experts in Ajax, PHP, Python, Java and Perl. We also offer resources and open-source published code that might interest you. Please contact vincent@heptacube.com

Holden Web designs and implements complex information systems, using Python as the tool of choice combined with other approriate technologies determined by the project goals and environment.

iKraft Software (P) LTD, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir(IN). We are a young, small and agile team of 12. We possess in-depth expertize in building web applications with Python, Django and related technologies. We are firm believers in DevOps and most of our team members are capable of provision and maintaining a Linux machine and various tools/servers including Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB. We also possess an expertize in building search solutions on top of Apache Solr and integrating it with Django apps. Unlike most small web development companies/agencies, we have our own full time QA staff. We also possess very good graphics desgin capabilities.

Imaginary Landscape, LLC is a full service Chicago web developer utilizing Python, Django and other open source technologies to create custom websites. Contact info@imagescape.com

Vention High-level expertise is the cornerstone of Vention’s Python development services. Our primary goal is to function seamlessly as a dedicated team with the perfect skills to build user‑favorite solutions. Vention has located its offices in USA, UK, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe.

Jason Davies is an expert Python/Django developer based in London, UK.

Lab 305, located in the Hartford, CT area, provides Python and Django consulting services for projects of all sizes. We also provide Java, PHP, MySQL, and Linux System Administration services.

Lambert Labs is a Python-focused development agency located in London, that builds software for a variety of clients who work in diverse sectors such as Technology, Education, Legal and Finance. The Python frameworks that we use regularly include Django, Flask, and FastAPI amongst others.

Level 12 has offered Python consulting and development services since 2008. We have an expertise in Python that goes deeper than Django to include Flask, SQLAlchemy, Celery, and pytest to name a few. We know choosing a development partner is difficult. You can work with us for up to 100 hours and owe us nothing if you believe you made the wrong choice. Located in the Louisville, KY metro and a team distributed throughout the US. Our Google reviews speak for themselves.

Lights On Software - Django Developers, located in Toronto, Canada, provides Python and Django consulting. We believe in early-launches, usability, and timely deliveries. Our client list includes olympic.ca, waveaccounting.com, 20minutesupperclub.com. Happy to hear from you at info@lightsonsoftware.com

Lintel Technologies, provides consulting in building end to end applications (from design to deployment) using Python and other opensource technologies. We have provided consulting to numerous organizations. Please, visit our site to see our portfolio. Some of the Python technologies we use day to day are -

We specialize in telephony consulting building VoIP applications like SIP servers and building softphones.

Logilab offers consulting services for companies using Python

PSC Group LLC Chicago based consulting agency specializing in Python. We started the Chicago Python Users group and sponsored Pycon while it was in Chicago. If you're looking for Python in Chicago, we're happy to help.

Match Strike builds Django-based web applications from the ground up in San Francisco. Our focus is maintainable code and user-centered design.

Mats Wichmann has been around Python for a long time: a tech editor for the 2:e of the Python Essential Reference, author of one of the earliest commercial Python training courses in 2001 for Learning Tree International. Can help with 2-to-3 conversions, having done a lot of work in that area, including on the SCons build system project.

Melbourne Web Developer Rene Dudfield is a programmer based in Melbourne Australia. Web development, and games development are his specialty. He is a maintainer of pygame - the multimedia game development C extension module for python. Available for your projects - python, php, C, apache, linux, mysql, e commerce, javascript, CMS, css, flash, actionscript, games, postgresql, xml, asm.

Mindfire Solutions is an India based Software development company with offices in Delhi, Bhubaneswar India and USA offices in CA and MI. Mindfire Solutions provides a range of services on Python with the support of our deep web application development expertise and 8+ years of Python development experience. We have worked in Python, JavaScript, HTML, ASP, MSSQL server 2005, Windows 2003 server, IIS 6.0, SOAP, XML, Webservices. Our Python development page http://www.mindfiresolutions.com/python-development.htm Contact: http://www.mindfiresolutions.com/contact.htm

'Monico Technologies' is an IT company which provides IT solutions and services locally and internationally while residing in Bangladesh. With our strong background in developing and maintaining FINDER Vehicle Tracking Service's GPS Data Servers for Vehicle Tracking Service and the new Location Based Blogging Service with Location Based Advertisement service called Kothay? Where is it?. Our technology specialties are focused in Python, Django, PostgreSQL and Android Software Development.

MonkeyProof Solutions is a Netherlands-based company offering a range of services and products, including Simian. MonkeyProof Solutions aims at assisting domain experts in translating their expertise into deployable software solutions. Our expertise spans across various industries such as automotive, finance, oil and gas, energy, aerospace, and more.

NeuroKode Labs, LLC provides consulting and custom development services utlizing python,jython, C/C++ and many other technologies. Of note is the open source project PDO - Python Database Objects.

NobleProg Limited offers bespoke consultancy services. We have a team of Python Professionals with the required expertise, who can help you to solve your dilemma. We can provide qualified personnel who will be able to immediately assist you with your predicament. Contact: http://www.nobleprog.co.uk/node/add/consultancy_quote/consultancy_subject%3DPython

Open Software Services - Content management using Zope and python.

Pangur Pty Ltd is an Australian (Melbourne) python development company specializing in bespoke python web solutions with a focus on scalability/extensibility, but with experience in a broad range of areas from web to GUIs to networking. With over 25 years industry experience our small team is ready to discuss your requirements today.

Phaseit, most often represented by principal CameronLaird, provides Python programming, training, and related consulting services, particularly with Web services, StacklessPython, TurboGears, WebWare, Zope, and other Web-based application servers, and TkInter, PyQt, WxWindows, and other GUI toolkits.

Piran Digital, Python / Django specialists in Sydney, Australia. We build amazing web software with Django.

PixBuffer Software Inc. is a full-service software company specialized in complex web applications (including SaaS), custom web development and consulting. We are based in Calgary, Canada.

NOUS - Nous is based in Lithuania and specializes in python, pylons and zope web application development using agile methodologies. We develop custom web application and offer our consulting services. Contact us via e-mail jonas@nous.lt or visit our website http://nous.lt/consulting.

Programmers of Vilnius, an agile software development company that specializes in web applications in Python, the Zope Toolkit, and Pylons. POV offers consulting, as well as custom software development services.

Propylon provides Python programming, consulting and mentoring services particularly in the areas of XML, Java/Jython, Zope/Plone. Located in New York and Dublin, Ireland.

Purple Bit is a software consultancy based in Israel, Tel Aviv. We provide development and consulting services for clients world-wide. We specialise in Django based Web Applications and agile development. Among our technologies: AWS, Heroku, Django, Celery, PIL, ffmpeg, Wowza, Angular.js, Bootstrap, Stripe, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB. Contact: yuval@purplebit.com or (972) 52-331-3878.

PyGuys.com is the Python-centric consulting arm of Botonomy LLC. The PyGuys are Mike Coyle and Christian Simms, the team that created ProjectPipe.com. We provide application development, project management, and IT advisory services to businesses in the Philadelphia area. Contact: info@pyguys.com or (888) 776-5747 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (888) 776-5747 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (888) 776-5747 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Python Academy provides Python training, consulting, and programming. We specialize in Python and can help to migrate your software developers to Python. We are located in Leipzig, Germany. Our services are available world-wide.

RadimRehurek.com provides high-end custom development, consulting and company trainings for machine learning, data mining and big data systems. Radim, an experienced consultant with PhD in NLP&ML and the author of the gensim machine learning Python library, leads a small, dedicated team of experts that has delivered state-of-the-art solutions to large multinational companies as well as small businesses and startups.

Revolution Systems provides commercial support, training, custom development, and consulting for Django and Python. Our specialty is performance tuning and scaling Django sites along with general Linux, Apache, and PostgreSQL infrastructure scaling.

ScienceSoft is a Texas-headquartered IT agency founded in 1989, which serves such clients as IBM, NASA JPL, Walmart, eBay, and Rakuten Viber. Since early 2010s, we have been providing Python consulting and Python custom development services. The company’s Python consultants and developers have expertise in complex and large-scale projects that demand the skills in:

Script Foundry develops tools and trading systems in python. Using pso and working with IntegrationLab Script Foundry developed numerous serious trading tools for the NYSE production floor making python the 4th NYSE production language (the others being cobol, c,c++ ).

Sebastian Witowski is a Python consultant and trainer experienced in working with both scientific institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Specializes in web development (Django, Flask, Django REST Framework+Vue.js), document management solutions, and improving outdated tools and workflows through on-site workshops.

Secret Labs AB (PythonWare) has a solid competence and long experience in software development with Python. We offer customer-specific development, training and other Python related services.

Siblings Software is a Python software outsourcing company based in Miami (Florida, USA) with offices in Cordoba (Argentina). We offer high quality Python development services, and also provide dedicated development teams and staff augmentation services.

We have a team of experienced Python developers capable of creating secure, cost-effective and scalable software solutions, from simple components or prototypes to complex enterprise applications, websites or APIs.

Siddhatech is a web based software consulting company in Pune,India specializing in web applications. Our services include Python, Django, Ajax/JavaScript/JQUERY, Plone/Zope .

Six Feet Up Six Feet Up, Inc. is a certified WBE software company that helps tech teams burn down their backlog and accelerate ahead. We help develop custom Python apps using Django, Pyramid and Plone. We offer assistance with AWS deployments and Cloud performance optimization. We believe in automation and orchestration.

Sixty North is a software development company based in Norway. We offer Python consulting and training services worldwide, with specific expertise in scientific, oil & gas, and geospatial topics as well as C++/Python integration.

Snakedev The Python Experts in web, data, search, and devops. 20 years experience in Python.

Sprymix Inc. is a team of experienced Python developers in Toronto, specializing in custom system and web development, integration, and related services. Particular areas of expertise include backend and frontend Web development (custom systems,Django, Flask), big-data processing and modeling, code analysis.

Stochastic Technologies is a software development company based in the UK. We specialise in Python web development with Django/Flask development, on traditional servers or the cloud. We are available for both custom development and consulting on all stages of a project, from development to scaling.

STX Next - Europe's laNOUS - Nous is based in Lithuania and specializes in python, pylons and zope web application development using agile methodologies. We develop custom web application and offer our consulting services. Contact us via e-mail jonas@nous.lt or visit our website http://nous.lt/consulting.rge Python software house. Based in Poland with 15+ years of market experience and a roster of 350+ Python, JS, React Native and full-stack developers.

Positiwise Software, a dynamic software & web development firm, delivers a comprehensive range of services. With extensive expertise in .NET, Python, PHP, WordPress, and WooCommerce, we excel in crafting top-notch solutions across industries.

TatvaSoft is a software development company based in Ahmedabad, India. TatvaSoft has more than 18+ years of experience in software development, mobile application development, web development. They have also offices located in Canda, USA, Australia and UK. Python is one of the technology they use to develop an applications for their client and along with that they also provide backend solutions with the help of .Net, Nodejs, Java and PHP.

The Penguin and The Python is a boutique consulting firm based outside of San Francisco. They specialize in Python and Linux consulting, including custom Python programming. They have lots of experience in building high performance websites and search technologies. The principal consultant is Sam Ockman, who is also the founder of Penguin Computing and 1000 Corks.

ThinkwareAB (english description) offers programming, mentoring and training with Python. We are located in Sweden, but are available over the net, and on location in other parts of the world for shorter time periods.

Tivix is a Silicon Valley based, custom Django/Python Development shop. Django/Python has been our bread and butter, since our founding in 2008.

Varsys Inc. is a Chicago-based software development company offering full spectrum of development services. Our rich experience and exposure to most modern software platforms and technologies including Zope, Python, IronPython, and Jython, allow us to offer high-quality services within diverse industries.

Velotron Heavy Industries provides solutions for environmental data collection, processing, and analysis, with an emphasis on Python software. We specialize in scientific Python applications and are located in Seattle, USA.

Vex Consulting Incorporated is a Toronto based company, incorporated in 2006, specialising in ISP Management. We offer innovative products and services to facilitate the management of your ISP, including a flexible and robust Billing System. Most of our work is currently done in Python.

VT Enterprise LLC (estd. in 2001 in Jersey City, NJ) writes enterprise software and provides consulting services for the financial industry. Assetcloud our flagship product, which makes financial data dispersed across databases uniquely accessible as URLs is built in Python and we constantly promote the use of Python and open source technologies with our clients.

Testled Ltd. - Fleet, United Kingdom We build business applications with Python. We create nearly anything, from websites to the business systems which glue everything together. Case studies on our website.

Sphere Consulting provides Agile custom application development (in Python, Ruby on Rails, .NET, LAMP, Java and iPhone) and business intelligence solutions. We offer all engagement models, including both dedicated team and turnkey product development. Sphere operates four R&D centers: in Chicago, and three offshore centers in St. Petersburg, Russia Kiev and Kharkov, Ukraine.

Dexoc Solutions offers a comprehensive range of IT services, including custom software development, web application development, mobile app development (including cross-platform solutions), software maintenance, and re-engineering. We also provide expert cloud consulting.

Vinta Software Studio is a software shop from Brazil specialised in full-stack web development with Django, Django REST Framework on the backend and React or AngularJS on the frontend. We have a strong commitment to quality in all levels, from good usability to extensive code tests. Current clients include established business and international startups. We can remotely work together with your own development team if necessary. Open source work available at: https://github.com/vintasoftware/. Contact us at contact@vinta.com.br

Cubix is a software company based in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. They have over 18 years of experience in developing software, mobile apps, and websites. They also have offices in Dubai, UAE, and Pakistan. They use Python for building applications, and for backend solutions, they rely on Node.js, Angular.js and React.js.

WireFuture is a dynamic software agency based in India, specializing in crafting cutting-edge solutions across a variety of platforms including .NET, PHP, Python, Angular, and React

Our development services include:

Our client-centric approach, combined with our expertise as .NET Development Company development company and in a wide range of technologies of Python, ensures that we deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We're committed to excellence and dedicated to your success.

Contact us at https://wirefuture.com or drop an email at contact@wirefuture.com

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