Pycon 2011 Sprints

The pycon 2011 core sprint is focusing on improving test coverage in the standard library.

Work List

When you pick a module to work on, add your name and the module here

Name Module
Alicia Arlen string test coverage
Evan Dandrea posixpath, tarfile, shutil
Natalia Bidart Test failures due to missing deps, logging
Michael Henry email (examining failing test_email_codecs, increasing test coverage)
Denver Coneybeare fileinput
Denver Coneybeare _dummy_thread
Matias Bordese dis
Scott Wilson urllib
Jonathan Hartley adding test coverage to Lib/
Michael Henry timeit: increasing test coverage
Brandon Rhodes coverage of: copy
Arkady Koplyarov adding test coverage to Lib/


When you create a ticket and attach a patch, please list the ticket number here. This serves as a record of the sprint work, and in addition any patches not committed during the sprints can be followed up afterward.

Name Ticket Committed
Evan Dandrea 11488 R David Murray
Natalia Bidart 11496 R David Murray
Matias Bordese 11497 Brett Cannon
Jeff Ramnani 6911  
Natalia Bidart 11498 Ezio Melotti
Scott Wilson 11500 Ronald Oussoren
Scott Wilson 11511  
Natalia Bidart 11501  
Evan Dandrea 11503  
Denver Coneybeare 11491 Brian Curtin
Alicia Arlen 11505 Nick Coghlan
Jonathan Hartley 11407 Michael Foord
Jeff Ramnani 11254  
Jeff Ramnani 8158  
Jeff Ramnani 9362  
Denver Coneybeare 11509 Brian Curtin
Evan Dandrea 11513  
Evan Dandrea 11548 Nick Coghlan
Jeff Ramnani 1038909  
Denver Coneybeare 11551 R David Murray
Michael Henry 11554 R David Murray
Michael Henry 11555 R David Murray
Michael Henry 11556 R David Murray
Natalia Bidart 11557  
Matias Bordese 11559 Benjamin Peterson
Evan Dandrea 11560 Nick Coghlan
Brandon Rhodes 11561  
Arkady Koplyarov 11577 Nick Coghlan
Michael Henry 11578 R David Murray
Michael Henry 11589  
Michael Henry 11590  
Michael Henry 11606  

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