Using PyInstaller with PyQt on Mac OS-X

PyInstaller has only preliminary support for Mac OS-X and currently (Feb. 2010) needs some workarounds and modifications to work properly with PyQt. Therefore this short how-to will show the steps to make the QtWebKit based 'Minibrowser' sample app from here into an OS-X application bundle.


I installed PyQt and Eric4 according to this guide. The following versions were used: OS-X 10.6.2, Python 2.6.1, Qt 4.6.2., PyQt 4.7, sip 4.10, QScintilla 2.4.2. Eric4 is obviously optional for the purpose of this how-to.

Installing and patching PyInstaller

Making the Application into an App Bundle

Test and Compress the App

Check the linked issue tickets and PyInstaller tracker and release notes, as these issues will be resolved sometime and the steps with workarounds will hopefully not be needed any more.

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