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PyLog as interface to SWI Prolog

Pylog is an interface to SWI Prolog for Python. Originally written by W. Michael Petullo. Gocept company adopted it to work with swipl 0.4 and released as open source. Also the returned data structures are much better.

Current stable version of SWI Prolog is 5.2.13. What is 0.4? Gocept site looks updated, however. -- MikeRovner 2004-02-12 23:28:45

PyLog as first order logic library

PyLog is a first order logic library including a PROLOG engine in Python. PyLog can also translate PROLOG into Python. Written by Christophe Delord.



I was looking for a better way of using Prolog - that is: How can I use Prolog in the 21st century ? I think one would need an integration with an imperative language so that one can glue things together in a simple and natural way; I read some prolog books and when they started about (e.g.) loops it quickly got very ugly.
Secondly it seems to me that I couldn't use anything anymore that would be ObjectOriented that is e.g.:
If you have one database about one think, how can you combine that with another one with getting into name confict. (I hope someone finds a better example - to make the point that I am thinking of more than just namespaces!)
If someone reads this, please send me an email to haase at msg dot ucsf dot edu - Cheers. -- SebastianHaase

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