What We Are Going To Do

Guido has requested that the AST branch please be finished for Python 2.5 . Sprint on the AST branch has also become a tradition since the first sprint at PyCon 2003. Here is a rough list of what needs to be worked on:

* applying patches from SF

* Get generator expression working

* Get decorators working

* Work out bugs (including memory leaks)

* Flesh out docs on AST


To get ready for the sprint, get a CVS checkout of the 'ast-branch'. How to do get a tagged branch, see the Python Dev FAQ @ http://www.python.org/dev/devfaq.html .

Once you have a checkout, read Python/compile.txt . That gives an overview of what files are involved and how the basic process works.


* Brett Cannon

* Neal Norwitz (maybe)

* LD Landis

* John Ehresman (arriving early afternoon on Saturday)

* Timothy Fitz

Q: Is a pythonite with very little hacking-CPython experience of any use? -- Timothy Fitz

A: Sure! Part of the point of the sprints is to teach people about what is being sprinted on in hopes of them continuing to contribute long after the sprint is over. I just can't make any guarantees about entertainment value. =) -- Brett C.

* Chuck Fox -- On memory leaks, I've seen leaky behaviour when partially using the subprocess module while also using older methods from the os module to look at the same processes. I would be interested in investigating why this occurs.


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