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The Plan

Current status: thanks to Herculean effort by Joe Baker (? I'm unsure of his last name ?), Carl Karsten, and Cosmin Stejeream, all of the videotaped material is being transferred to digital files. Sleeping on a cot in the A/V room overnight was involved.

The task may be done at this point; on Monday they were going through the tutorial recordings. We therefore have about a terabyte of material that needs to be examined, edited, cleaned up, and packaged. Most of this material is recording of the speakers, but we also have some recordings of projector output from the later days of the conference; this will catch the slides and any demos that were part of the presentation.

We're going to need a team of volunteers to work on getting all this material into shape. This is a great opportunity to learn about audio/video editing and podcasting, to experiment with editing software, and to practice your skills while contributing to the PyCon community.

Here's a proposed plan:

I chose because they don't have an upload limit. Someone suggested, which has two good features: tagging portions of a video, and letting users post comments at a given point in time. They have a 1Gb upload limit, which we might run into for the hour-long keynotes, but we could certainly post videos to both sites and see which one gets more usage.


Add any questions/suggestions to this section.

Or, post them to the pycon-av mailing list: subscribe at <>.

Friday Agenda


Please add your name if you're interested.

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