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The initial list has been taken and trimmed from http://us.pycon.org/TX2007/Slogans

Please add your vote before August 7 2009 23:59

  1. if code not in python: raise hell (+kausikram ) (++Aneesh)
  2. "Simple is better than Complex" (+1)(+ashok)(+ranga) (+Aneesh)
  3. In really small letters: "readability counts" or "rdblty counts"(+++++ anirudh)
  4. I'm not really a Wizard. I just use Python. (+anand)(+1)(+devi)(+1 sidu) (+ranga) (+Noufal)(+ashok) (+++Aneesh)(+Lawgon)
  5. "Python: fits your pocket, your hardware, your brain!"(-1 sidu) (-- Aneesh)
  6. "Braces? We don't need no stinkin' braces!" (--- Aneesh. not understandable by ordinary persons )
  7. "Python: programming for human beings." (+++Aneesh : Liked very much , although from ubuntu) (+++Mahesh)
  8. Or we could go with the original spirit of Python, and have a code snippet wherein all classes, methods, and variables are named "Bruce" (in various states of capitalization) to avoid confusion. (-anand) (-Aneesh : too long)
  9. "It's explicit." (-Aneesh. not understandable)
  10. self.respect() (+Noufal) (+ranga) (-Aneesh. not understandable)
  11. Python: Programming is fun again! (+anand)(+devi) (+kamal) (+Aneesh)
  12. we get our eggs at the cheese shop (+Noufal) (-Aneesh. not understandable)
  13. Python: so eye-opening that I can't C anymore! (+devi) (-Noufal)(-Aneesh)
  14. Readability counts, use python for writing! (-Aneesh)



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