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Invitation - PyCon India 2009


What is PyCon India 2009?

Pycon India 2009 is a community conference by the Indian Python user and developer community.It is aimed at Python programmers, enthusiasts, new comers to Python language as well as users of other languages. The conference is expected to be a mix of Tutorials for beginners and Talks by experts. There would be coding sessions on Open Source Python Projects in the form of Sprints.

Who's organizing?

The conference will be run by the PyCon India Society, which is being set up specially for this and future conferences.The Conference and Society have been initiated by BangPypers - the Bangalore Python User Group and welcomes Python programmers from other parts of the country to join in. At present python enthusiasts from around the country are working together to organise the conference. There is a mailing list at inpycon@pycon.org which is the primary forum for organising this.



How to Register?


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