Evaluation process

There is no formula for arriving at the overall rating from the other ratings - it is based on the person who does the evaluation. However the suggestion is to look at items 1, 2 and 3 in that order to arrive at the rating. Novelty of the topic should not be used to arrive at the final rating, but can be used at the end to order the talks which are tied on scores. Topic which are more novel will be ranked higher than topics which are run-of-the-mill. We will be using only the final rating to evaluate the talks.

The final evaluations will be done on a scale of 25, so we will simply scale the scores in 10 to 25.

Talk Rejection

Talks which are not complete in their submission will be rejected. A sumbission can be incomplete in the following respects.

  1. No proper author name, instead only a nickname is provided (For example "johndoe" instead of "John W Doe").
  2. Missing outline or summary.
  3. Missing author bio.

Talk re-submission

For those talks which are not rejected, but are still incomplete in their submissions, we will ask the author to do a re-submission after editing the required fields. A talk can be slotted for re-submission if,


(The above are only the most important criteria for not accepting a talk, there could be more which are subjective.)

If a talk is slotted for re-submission and not re-submitted within the deadline (which will be announced), it is automatically rejected.

Talk Selection

There will be four people who will be judging a talk, each making a rating out of 25. The total rating of the talk will be the sum of all ratings of each reviewer so as to get the final rating out of 100.

We will be selecting up to 60 talks initially. All talks will be ordered in decreasing order of overall rating out of 100 and the first 60 talks will be selected. Novelty factor and other factors (# of talks submitted for the same topic, # of talks submitted by the same author etc) will be used to select among talks having the same score.

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