PyCon India 2010 Hosting Proposal

'We are looking forward for a host who makes PyCon India 2010 bigger and better than ever!'

Note: The Indian Python Software Society is only interested in conference proposals that are led by either Python communities or educational institutions who are active in the Python community, such as user groups, Python consulting firms, institutional Python users, etc.


PyCon India 2010 is scheduled to be held on September 25 – 26, 2010.


This document is call for proposals to host Python Conference 2010. This document contains specific guidance on the elements of a conference proposal, conference requirements, locations, and the schedule for the Python Conference 2010 selection process.

The first PyCon India (2009) was held at IISc, Bangalore.

Conference Vision and Goals

Python conferences are annual gathering of the India Python software community. Python conferences are an opportunity for the vast and diverse Python community to forge new relationships and catch up with old friends, learn from each other, and recharge the wellsprings of creativity and innovation that power the Python community possess.

Required elements of a Python Conference hosting proposal

Python conference requirements

Suggested conference design

We strongly encourage prospective conference host to include the following elements in their conference design

How to respond to the proposal

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