PyCon India 2010 – Call for Proposals

PyCon India is the only conference of its kind organized in India for Python programming language enthusiasts from all over the country. PyCon India is being held in Bangalore, India for the second time from Sep 25 to Sep 26 '2010 at MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

The organizers of Pycon India 2010 are looking for talk proposals to fill the formal presentation tracks. We accept proposals on a very broad range of topics related to Python programming.

You might be a software developer who has written or worked in an interesting Python project, a young programmer just out of college learning Python, an academic who has solved problems using Python in a research project or a hobbyist exploring different Python packaging options – in short anyone who is passionate about Python and has spent some time on it. As long as the proposal is interesting and has something potentially useful for the Python community, we will consider it for inclusion in the conference.

Please follow the instructions below carefully before preparing a proposal and submitting it.


Important Dates

Permission to record/release presentations

In Pycon India, we intend to record all presentations live and release the recordings for free on the Internet so as to benefit the wider Python community. When you are submitting a proposal, you automatically give the Indian Python Software Society, the organizers of Pycon India, the permissions to record/edit and release the audio/video of your presentation.

No exceptions will be made in this regard. If you do not want a recording of your presentation to be made, don't submit a proposal.

The released media will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, version 3.0.

Topics for Pycon India

Topics for presentations for Pycon India include but is not limited to,

You can get more ideas from the wiki page at .

Talk Format

The typical length of a talk should be no more than 45 minutes. The presentation style should be concise, to the point with sufficient examples to clarify the discussion to the audience, if needed. You can also opt for a talk which is 30 minutes long. Such talks should typically discuss how to do a certain thing related to Python in a concise way.

The talk length includes the time for audience interaction implicitly. You should prepare your talks so as to leave at least 5 mins room at the end for taking audience questions.

Proposal submission mechanism

A talk proposal should include the following.

  1. Talk title - This should encapsulate the topic of your talk
  2. Duration: If you are giving a short 30 minutes talk, mention 30, otherwise mention 45.
  3. Category Indicators - Choose one or more category indicator tags for your talk
    • (For example: "packaging", "mobile", "web" etc).
  4. Level – Indicate the level of Python knowledge of the intended audience namely Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. If any specific knowledge or skills are required or beneficial, indicate that (For example, "exposure to network programming").
  5. Summary – A brief summary of the talk in no more than 100 words.
  6. Description:
    1. Detailed outline for the reviewers
    2. Notes for reviewers, if any.

Completed proposals should be uploaded to <URL> or sent by email to <email>.

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