What Can I Do for PyCon?

Matt Payne asked me what he could do for PyCon. I came up with a few ideas and, rather than just communicate them privately, I thought I'd use the dynamic nature of the Wiki to throw these out to anybody who might be asking the same question. I'd like to thank Matt for stimulating me to express my ambitions for the conference more clearly -- steve

Please think about how you can assist the conference, using the points below as a focus, and make up your mind not to simply be a passive consumer at PyCon. The more people who get involved the more fun (and the more rewarding) the conference will be. Consult the list of PyConTasks and see what you can do.

Remember: this is a Wiki: you can edit this page (and other pages). Your contributions are vital to the conference's success. If you simply want to sign up to help in a particular area, put your name below the appropriate area. We will also need some way to reach you, so an email address would be helpful.

Well, before PyCon:

During PyCon:


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