Tentative price list for sponsorship levels for PyConDC2004

The 2004 PyCon conference will be hosted in Washington D.C. March 24-26. This page describes the sponsorship opportunities.

Why sponsor PyCon 2004?

PyCon 2004 is a community-oriented conference. There is no exhibit hall, and product placement in talks is discouraged. The conference has a strong technical focus, and thus attracts key players in the Python community, from industry, academia, non-profits, etc. Sponsors have in the past participated for one or more of the following reasons:

Sponsorship packages available

"Platinum Sponsor Package" $5000 (1 available)

"Gold Sponsor Package" $2000 (4 available)

"Silver Sponsor Package" $500 (10 available)

Other Sponsorship Opportunities


If you're interested in becoming a PyConDC2004 sponsor, please contact David Ascher.

Note that we will be accepting sponsorships until the last minute, although clearly some of the swag depends on early commitments.


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