For those who wish to bring laptops (or those who feel like lugging around something heavier), there will be network access available on-site for conference participants.

Wireless Access:
GWU will be providing a wireless network. It will only be accessible after authenticating via an ncat server (this is the sort that brings up a fixed browser page when you start trying to access external networks).
Experiments showed it may be difficult to authenticate yourself to the ncat server unless you are running a GUI of some sort, although experienced lynx users may be able to overcome the problems.
The userid and password for connecting are both set to "pycon". You will be prompted for the password the first time that you try to visit any web page with a browser. The authorization times out after about an hour or so, so the password needs to be re-entered. If you use Internet Explorer, it will open a little pop-up window that keeps the authorization live for 24 hours or so. (Those of you on Linux are out of luck, and will have to reenter the pycon/pycon combination every so often.)
The SSID is for the wireless hubs is set to 'sns-mc3'. This is only needed for laptops that require having an ID. A test using a Linksys wireless card worked fine with the SSID set to ANY.
Wired Access:
The amphitheater also has 10 MHz wired sockets in each of the seat arms, however, this installation is new and has not been thoroughly tested. There will be (a limited number of) hubs available in the breakout rooms (you should bring your own ethernet cable).


Net access WILL be available during the sprints to all sprint participants (see above). Offers to bring equipment for others to share during the sprints would not be turned away.


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