Here is a quick index of the talks from PyCon 2003, and links to the papers and/or any other information I could find. Though this started as an index of the scheduled talks, I an expanding it to include resources for lightning talks, open space sessions,etc.

See also ../OpenSpaceSessions and ../SprintPlan.

Speakers by First Name, with Presentation Titles

Steve Holden: Introduction from the Chair

Aahz: Threads tutorial ( a tutorial by Aahz)

Aahz: Objects vs classes

Allen Short: Twisted Reality: A Flexible Framework for Virtual Worlds

Benjamin Saller: CMFTypes: Next Generation Content Type Development for Zope 2

Brett Cannon: Using ReStructured Text

Brian Warner: Build``Bot: build/test automation

Brian Warner: Perspective Broker: "Translucent" Remote Method calls in Twisted

C. Donour Sizemore, Jacob R. Lilly, and David M. Beazley: MONDO : A Shared Library and Dynamic Linking Monitor

Chetan Gadgil: KOBRA - .NET (Wrapper) for Python

Christopher Armstrong: Managing the Release of a Large Python Project

Christopher Blunck: Python in a Rapid Development Environment

Dana Moore: Subversion from Within. Python in a Java world

David Abrahams: Introducing Boost.Python

David C. Morrill: Traits: A New Way of Adding Properties to Python Classes

David C. Morrill: Chaco: A Python Plotting Package for Scientists and Engineers

Dean W. Hall: PyMite: A Flyweight Python Interpreter for 8-bit Architectures

Francesc Alted: Processing And Analyzing Extremely Large Amounts Of Data In Python

Francesco Garelli: Satine: a XML Data Binding technology for Python

Fred L. Drake, Jr. and Chris McDonough: Application Configuration Using ZConfig

Geoffrey S. Knauth: Lessons Learned in Converting a Large C Program into Manageable Python Modules

George Belotsky: Flightdeck-UI -- a Cockpit on your Desktop

Glyph Lefkowitz: Generalized Deferred Execution in Python

Guido van Rossum: Python Regrets

Guido van Rossum: State of the Python Union (Keynote)

Ian Bicking: The Web Framework Shootout

Itamar Shtull-Trauring: Tutorial: Low-level networking with the Twisted Framework

Jason Abate and John Shafaee: HALL: A Domain-specific Python Middleware Package

Jean-Paul Calderone: Applications of the Twisted Framework

Jim Fulton: Zope Component Architecture

Jim Fulton: Tutorial: Programming with the Zope Component Architecture

Joel Shprentz: Prevayler for Python: An alternative to relational and object-oriented databases

John Aycock, David Pereira & Georges Jodoin: UCPy: Reverse-Engineering Python

Ken Manheimer: Conversations With Zope: Interactive Debugging Using the Python Prompt

Kendall Clark, Daniel Krech, A.M. Kuchling, Bijan Parsia: Introduction to the Semantic Web

Leonard Richardson: Beyond The Config File: User-Friendly Configuration For Web Apps

Michael Bernstein: Case Study: A Faceted Classification Solution for a Reusable Digital Asset Repository

Moshe Zadka & Andrew Bennetts: The Lore Document Generation Framework

Nathan Yergler & Vern Ceder: Teaching Programming with Python and PyGame

Neal Norwitz: Building a Better Bug Detector

Paul Graham: The Hundred-Year Language (keynote)

Paul Swartz: Implementing SSH in Twisted

Perry Greenfield, Jay Todd Miller, Jin-chung Hsu, & Rick White: numarray: A New Scientific Array Package for Python

Alexander Pletzer and Doug McCune: Computing magnetized plasma equilibria in a tokamak using Python

Roman Geus and Peter Arbenz: PySparse and PyFemax: A Python framework for large scale sparse linear algebra

Shane Hathaway: Adaptable Storage (Tutorial)

Steffen Viken Valvaag, Aage Kvalnes and Kjetil Jacobsen: POSH -- Python Object SHaring

Tom Bryan: Unit Testing in Python

Tom Olivier: A Population Simulation System Written in Python

Travis B. Hartwell: Deployment of Twisted Web Servers

Trent Mick: - cross-platform Python module for process control (Lightning talk)

Trent Mick and David Ascher: Smoke: an automated build, regression and performance tracking toolset

Wesley J. Chun: Python in Medicine

Wesley J. Chun: Python In Education

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