Make sure that you register your interests here so that we can allocate time and space for a meeting about your favorite topic (and that everyone knows that there is some interest in a topic, so they consider signing up themselves).

Remember: this is a Wiki -- you can edit it simply by clicking on the Edit Text link at the bottom of the page. Webmasters

Review operation of to make sure all current webmasters understand how it works, plus lay the groundwork for future changes.

Discuss maintaining "permanent" URLs for book writers and external links.


Discussion of Numeric and progress on NumArray.


At least one person has suggested a complete Jython track, but there has been little response on the main PyCon page. Doesn't anyone care? Where are all the Jythonistas? (see also PyConJython)

Python Scripting with Excel

Python scripting with Excel. I understand that Python provides substantial benefits over VBA. (My focus is financial and investment analysis.)

Alan McIntyre March 25: I have some interest in this; we have prototyped some engineering analysis tools in Excel/VBA, and it would be nice if our future prototyping could be done with Python instead of VBA (assuming I can convince the engineers to learn to use Python). :)

Packaging software for End Users

Discuss issues surrounding the packaging of applications so that end-users can install them and use them. Share techniques and secrets for building distributable files that contain python code, including (but not limited to) py2exe, distutils in general, McMillan's installer, and modules that use import hooks and other magic that cause trouble with the above techniques. Focus on Windows and MacOS optional (in general it is easier to distribute software on Unix).

This could also include Packaging Modules for Developers but distutils already makes this pretty easy; a focus on End Users is needed.

User Interfaces in Python

Python in conjunction with several widely available libraries (e.g. Tkinter) provides a quick and elegant way to built user interfaces. This BOF would discuss various design techniques, implementation issues, etc. relating to Python-based user interfaces. A list of suggested topics is given below.

Twisted networking framework

All about networking, distributed programming and more with Twisted. Discuss the features, future, functionality and familiarize yourself with the framework. Meet the developers, learn more.

Komodo users and lurkers

David Ascher and Trent Mick (both from ActiveState) will be around to talk about ActiveState's Komodo Integrated Development Environment -- how it works (lots of Python), what's planned for future releases, maybe show off some undocumented macro tricks if people want. If you're a fan of Komodo or just someone who'se curious about, come and say hi. [Contact:]

RDF/Semantic Web

At least three Semantic Web hackers will be attending the conference. We could discuss the state of Python RDF tools, speculate about applications, or arrange a sprint to implement something.

Web Developers

Specifically, non-Zope Python web developers -- I think there's room for more cooperation and communication among the different frameworks and related technologies, and increasingly more overlap. Cheetah, for instance, is being used with several different frameworks -- certainly many other possibilities exist. We have communication over mailing lists for our individual projects, but not many opportunities for communicating between projects. -- IanBicking


Or template systems in general. It should be at a separate time from the Webware BoF since many Cheetah users are also Webware users.

Toward a Python Module Repository

People working on getting CPAN-like functionality in Python can meet and discuss how to proceed, demonstrate their tools, etc.

Hacking Society Meeting

The goal of the Hacking Society ( is to foster geek community-building through the shared experience of hacking. I propose a Hacking Society meeting on Thursday from 8pm to 11pm. More details on where will be provided via fliers at the show.

3D Graphics

People interested in 3D graphics in Python, including 3D games, visualisation and virtual-reality systems (e.g. OpenGL, VPython, and CrystalSpace). Possibly with tutorials and demonstration sessions. Possibly include discussions of use of Python in non-real-time graphics as well.

Alan McIntyre March 25: I will probably be building some data visualization tools for a condition-based maintenance system in the not-so-near future (12-18 months) and would be interesting in finding out about others experiences with visualizing large data sets with Python. I have tinkered with vtk in the past but have not had time to do anything in-depth.

Game Development

People interested in game development in Python. Probably focus largely on the PyGame libraries, though systems such as CrystalSpace would be interesting if we have someone to talk about them. Potentially could get a few of the professional gaming houses that have used Python to do presentations.

The Python Business Forum

For people who apply Python in commercial environments. An introduction to what the PBF is and aims to be.

Python Business Forum members

An informal discussion between members about how we can improve the PBF.

Chandler project

Chandler is a Python-based networked PIM currently in development at OSAF ( We are commited to using existing code whenever feasible, and will be pushing the boundaries of development in many areas: database, security, GUI, networking, scripting. This BOF is for anyone interested in our current plans, we can discuss architecture, libraries currently being used, plans for the future. I propose an hour-long meeting sometimes during the conference, and a dinner date on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


Leo is Python-based programmer's editor based on outlines and literate programming techniques ( This BOF session will discuss where Leo is headed in the future: new collaboration features, performance enhancements, better gui's, other features. I propose an hour-long meeting sometimes during the conference, and dinner on Wednesday or Thursday.

Bioinformatic/Biomedical Science uses of Python

Informal discussion of individuals interested in biopython or other biomedical research applications of Python. We would be interested in some sort of mini-tutorial on biopython if qualified people were attending the conference.


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