ClePy is working on a bid for PyCon 2010 and 2011. The official proposal will be at PyCon2010ClevelandProposal.

I want in
Put your name here if you plan on helping out...

David Stanek

Catherine Devlin


If you are interested in helping out put your name down for each one you would feel comfortable contributing to. Have no fear this is not a formal signup. You will not have to do anything. This is just to gauge interest and see who may be interested in helping. Putting your name next to more than one position is encouraged!




PyCon 2008 Chair

Local Coordinators

Michael Robellard

Meeting Planning Services

Conference Technology Enhancements Inc. (CTE)

Audio/Visual Coordinator

A/V Session Recording Coordinator

Badge Coordinator

Feedback/Survey Coordinator

Financial Aid Coordinator

Food Coordinator

Graphics Coordinator

Communications Coordinator

Network Coordinator

Power Coordinator

Publicity Coordinator

Registration Manager

Software Coordinator

Sponsorship Coordinator

Tote bag and Giveaway Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator


Program (content: talks, tutorials, sprints, etc.)

Program Committee Chair

Program Committee

Keynote Coordinator

Keynote Speakers

Lightning Talks Coordinator

Kevin Dahlhausen

Open Space Coordinator

Tutorial Coordinator

Sprint Coordinator

Python Lab Coordinator

Board Games Event Coordinator

Michael Robellard

Operations (at PyCon itself)

Registration Desk Manager

Registration Desk Staffers

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