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Project Info

Pymel makes python scripting in Autodesk's Maya work the way it should. By taking advantage of python's strengths -- particularly, a flexible, object-oriented design -- pymel builds on the default Maya modules by organizing its commands into a class hierarchy, and by customizing them to operate in a more succinct, intuitive, and pythonic way.

Project URL:

Sprint Leaders: Chad Dombrova, Olivier Renouard

Code repository :

To access the code repository:

  • sign up for a free gmail account.

  • for read-only access, run this in a terminal:

    svn checkout pymel
  • for read-write access, first get an administrator to add you as a member to the project, then run:

    svn checkout pymel --username yourGmailName

when promted, enter the google code password accessible from the 'source' page of the pymel google code project.

Official Release with Documentation:


  • Chad Dombrova (chadrik at
  • Olivier Renouard (orenouard at

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