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Project Info

PyPy is a python compiler written in Python. It's also a very flexible compiler toolchain which can compile so called RPython (restricted Python, a subset of Python without dynamic features) into a variety of platforms including C/POSIX, JVM and CLI. PyPy also features a set of experimental features, like different GCs or different threading models, which makes it a good platform to experiment with the python language.

Project URL:

Sprint Leader: Maciej Fijalkowski

This sprint is newcomer-friendly sprint. The list of task is as usual very long and depending on attendees. It's suggested that people would come to an IRC and chat a bit to have a clue what is feasible on a sprint and what is not. For example, we can work on:

Software requirements: the details depends on what people would like to work on, but in general pygame, libgc and libffi are very very useful (although not needed). A PyPy checkout, gcc and such things are a must. For people wanting to work on particular backends, appropriately Java, Mono (or .NET), spidermonkey are needed.


list will be available at

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