Are you attending PyCon 2008 and want to split a room at the Crowne Plaza hotel (or elsewhere) with other attendees? List yourself below, along with:

I Already Have a Room Reservation

If you have a room reservation and you're looking for a roommate to share costs, list your info here:

Note: Be sure to list the names of your roommates on the reservation as having permission to check in, so they can get a key to your shared room from the front desk (by showing photo ID).

I'm Looking For A Room

If you're looking to share a room (but you haven't made a reservation yet), list your info here:

  • - I am looking for one or more roommates from the 15th through the 17th, I'm already rooming with someone before then. The floor is fine, I'll have a sleeping bag.
  • - I'll be arriving the 12th and leaving the 21st, looking for someone to split a room for some of that. [ website]
  • - I am looking for a room mate,i will arive 3/14.. please let me know if you need a room mate.
  • oouc (curvySymbol) - looking to share with twp people for nights of 3/13 to 3/20 but am flexible for less nights. Primary concern is to not pay 1/2 or more for the room and for sure share during Fri & Sat nights.
  • angel [a] angeliccomputing [dot] com - looking to share a room with another woman 3/13 to 3/16.
  • for at least one other women to share room with Thurs Friday Saturday maybe Sunday
  • erik.river [a] gmail - also looking a roommate for share 3/14 to 3/19 (I'll be arriving 3/14 and leaving 3/20)


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