A couple of times, people have mentioned "Oh! We should put X on the feedback forms this year!". Well, this is a page to catch all the Xs.

Main Feedback Form

  • Integrate badges with printed version of survey
  • Ask: Are you sharing your room? (Sharing with friend, etc.)
  • ask: Is this your first PyCon?
  • make a PDF/FDF or online version of survey to be filled out and submitted electronically. Sends email of results to pycon (at) python org or special address. (note the 2007 feedback form cites sending feedback comments to pycon (at) python org)

Here is a link to a demo of this years survey -> PyCon 2008: Conference Feedback

Tutorial Feedback Form

  • Add piggy-back stickers to attach to badge.
  • ask: Is this your first PyCon?
  • ask: Would you take a tutorial again next year?
  • ask: Tutorial level: too advanced, too easy, just right?
  • Clarify:
    • hotel => conference hotel (add: other hotel)
    • second tutorial day => + (assuming a tutorial of interest)
    • material => course content (subject matter)
    • handout => paper handout
  • Fix no/yes to yes/no (order).
  • The general section (hotel, conference/sprints, etc.) should be filled out only once per person. Tutorial-specific questions should be answered once per tutorial. Two separate forms? One page, double-sided?

Misc ? From Brian Ray

Was this http://us.pycon.org/apps06/survey/feedback2006/ the online form from last year? Do we want to have an online version this year?


  • Ask: Where do you live?
  • Ask: Is there a python user group in your area?
  • Ask: Estimate the typical attendance


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