Board Game session at PyCon 2008

When: Dedicated time-slice: Friday and Saturday evenings. 7-11, but as this is an Open Spaces event, you can schedule any other Open Spaces time (and place) for more specific appointments. Please see comments section below for more details.

Where: Kennedy, Open Spaces area.

If you're coming to PyCon and can bring a board game, please add your name to this page and say what you can bring.


Traditional Games

  • Scrabble
  • Yatzee, Kismet
  • Waterworks
  • Cards


  • Dean Goodmanson (red SPAM hat)
  • AndrewKuchling
  • Tom Tobin
  • Larry Hastings
  • Jono DiCarlo

Comments, Suggestions?

  • I am not sure I can make it, but I will bring my board games -- Sheila
  • I would like to see Robo rally. -- ? Looks like we'll need a few experience players. - Dean; I've only played it once I don't mind if the experienced players beat up on me. Wow! It's been reprinted. I just ordered it. -- Sheila :) -- I'll bring my copy -- Jono.
  • I would like to play on Thursday after evening volunteer activities are completed. -- ? Sounds fun, but we may want to choose something light if we're tired from Tutorials and bag stuffing. -- Dean; That's what Apples To Apples is for -- Sheila; Excellent! Carcassonne, Munchkin, and Chinese Checkers may also fit this bill. -Dean -- What time would this be? --Larry
  • I've got Empire Builder, Russian Rails and Lunar Rails. Need external interest of I'm going to haul them, I enjoy these but am still learning. Longer play time. -- Dean
  • I'll bring the games I've mentioned above if there's solid interest; I might have to drive (vs. taking the El) if I'm bringing more than one, though. — Tom; I'm interested in Ticket to Ride, Fluxx and curious about Arkham. - Dean
  • I have Kill Dr. Lucky if I can find it -- Sheila
  • Any folks interested in Power Grid? - Dean
  • I was curious what board game is most like Galcon, or if there's a particular game that would be themed for a Galcon varient? Galcon Event. Hellas?
  • I wanna try Alien City--it's one of the Piecepack games. --Larry

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