Feedback from PyCon 2007

Answers to the question "What tutorial topics would you like to see in the future?" on the PyCon 2007 tutorial feedback forms (duplicates removed, edited):

  • Advanced Python: language features, techniques
  • Advanced XML
  • Audio and Python
  • cTypes (
  • CPython (Intro to Python core development for those who wish to start contributing; Python Internals: how to modify Python; walk through Python source code)
  • Django: more hands-on. How to do a non-trivial app, rather than internals.
  • Eggs (Creating setuptools installs)
  • Embedded Python
  • Faster Python Programs
  • Flash/flex widgets in Python
  • Future of Python
  • GUI
  • IronPython
  • Jython - the complete guide
  • Kamaelia (
  • LDAP integration
  • Language tips/tricks by a language lawyer
  • Mac and Python
  • Metaprogramming (Metaclasses & descriptors)
  • Newforms: tips & tricks, real-world examples, etc.
  • NumPy
  • Object-oriented approach for procedural programmers
  • Plone
  • Profiling tools (i.e. finding the actual bottlenecks)
  • PyPy
  • Pyrex or other C wrappers
  • Pyro
  • Python for sysadmins (idioms, not syntax)
  • Python tutorial part III in B2B
  • Pythonic patterns
  • ReStructuredText + Docutils
  • SQLAlchemy (
  • SWIG & Python tutorial
  • Scientific visualization topics: specifically SciPy, matplotlib
  • Signal Processing
  • Standard Library tour
  • Styles of Programming
  • Testing (How to use Python tools to test non-Python code; TDD [test-driven development])
  • Tools that make up packages like Django and Turbogears, e.g. CherryPy, templates, Kid, etc.
  • TurboGears
  • Twisted (& nevow)
  • Web appl database access with a simple application
  • Win32 Python (COM, MSOffice, ActiveDir interaction, etc.)
  • wxPython
  • Zope, Zope 3/Five

Also see the general tutorial feedback info.

Other Ideas

These ideas are from other sources, not from the feedback forms:

  • Creating Command Line Tools in Python
  • Using Cheese Shop to Share Modules
  • Python 3000 Idioms (not migrating to P3K, how should our thinking change). This may be more suited to a presentation than a tutorial.
  • Intermediate Python (Iterators, Decorators, other various topics).
  • YAML

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