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The following sprints are planned for the four days after the conference.

To register a new sprint, just edit this page and add your sprint, listing yourself as the sprint coach. If you won't be around for all four days, please specify the days you'll be present.

If you have any questions about sprinting at PyCon, please send email to the Sprint Coordinator, David Goodger.



Because the sprints are after the formal conference, all the sprint attendees will likely be present at the start of the sprints. Sprint coaches should plan for an introductory session on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning, where you can help attendees get started. This might involve helping them to get SVN or CVS installed, find the development tree, talk about the software's architecture, or planning what the four-day sprint will try to accomplish.

If the introductory session is on Sunday, you should plan to begin around 3:30PM.

Free Wing IDE licenses

For sprinters that would like a free license for Wing IDE Professional, please see Stephan Deibel or John Ehresman either at the sprint plenary Sunday 3:35 PM in Preston Trail or during the sprinting days.





Docutils (reStructuredText)

Python Core



Pydotorg rollout

Conference software

pymon and CoyMon 3




Array Interface Sprint


What is a sprint?

A sprint is a focused development session, in which developers pair in a room and focus on building a particular subsystem. A sprint is organized with a coach leading the session. The coach sets the agenda, tracks activities, and keeps the development moving. The developers often work in pairs using XP's pair programming approach.

The sprint approach works best when the first few hours are spent getting oriented -- presenting a tutorial for the development material, laying out the stories to tackle for the day, getting everyone a CVS or SVN checkout to work with.

ZopeMag's miniGuide to Zope Sprinting is a good introductory article; just mentally remove every "Zope" from the article to make it generic.

Why sprint at PyCon?

The sprints are intended to benefit various projects, and to encourage more people to take part in development. They will also be a good place to see ExtremeProgramming or other AgileMethods in action, and to work closely with experienced Python developers.

PyCon will always have a core Python sprint. Other topics will come and go each year.

If you wish to participate in a sprint, please contact the sprint organizers in advance, or add your name to the list of participants for a given sprint.

What equipment/supplies will sprints get?

PyCon will supply the following:

PyCon does not supply food for the sprint days. Participants will have to go to PyCon2006/NearbyRestaurants, or have food delivered to the hotel.

Who makes this possible?

The Python Software Foundation sponsors the sprints at PyCon2006. Please consider making a donation to support this vital community activity!


If you cannot attend the sprints in person but would still like to follow the progress and/or participate, you can, via IRC ( or other means, as listed above. The #pycon-sprints channel can be used for general sprint-related traffic.


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