Session Chairs

This page lists the session chairs for PyCon 2005. If you wish to volunteer to chair a session, please edit this page and replace the word "UNASSIGNED" with your name. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with the volunteer coordinator, David Goodger (no need to confirm; I'm automatically informed of changes to this page).


Session Chairs are expected to meet briefly with the people who will be presenting in their session, before the session. Ask them a few questions so you can introduce them (introductions should be quite brief), and be certain you know how to pronounce their names!

Before beginning the talks, encourage the audience to fill all the available seats instead of sitting in the aisles or standing by the door.

Session chairs should plan to arrive in the room about 10-15 minutes before their session in order to ensure everything is set up properly. Make sure that the sessions start on time and keep to the schedule. (You'll need to be sure to bring a watch!) It is a good idea to have little signs to let the speakers know when 10 minutes and 5 minutes are left. Don't interrupt in the middle of a sentence, but try to keep things moving along on time.

Once the speakers have started, please close the doors to screen out noise from people talking in the hallway. If you want to leave one door open for people to arrive quietly, that's fine, but please be prepared to close it if people are being noisy outside.

Upon conclusion of each presentation, encourage the speakers to disconnect their equipment and move into the hallway for discussions so the next speaker will not be delayed in starting.

Schedule details may change, so be sure to revisit this page to confirm prior to the event. Here's the detailed schedule and the list of talks with abstracts. We also need volunteers for the registration desk.

Friday, February 24

  Ballroom A-E Ballroom F-J Preston Trail

Session 1 — Chair: UNASSIGNED

  • Python in Your Pocket: Python for Series 60 (69)
  • Creating Presentations With Docutils and S5 (64)
  • An Interactive Adventure Game Engine Built Using Pyparsing (4)

Session 2 — Chair: Anna Martelli Ravenscroft

  • Decimal for beginners (16)
  • Python Can Survive In The Enterprise (36)
  • pysense: Humanoid Robots, a Wearable System, and Python (57)

Session 3 — Chair: UNASSIGNED

  • The State of Dabo (34)

Session 4 — Chair: Rock Howard

  • Using Django to supercharge Web development (50)
  • TurboGears How-To (25)

Session 5 — Chair: Grig Gheorghiu

  • Introduction to Pyparsing: An Object-oriented Easy-to-Use Toolkit for Building Recursive Descent Parsers (1)
  • Understanding Unicode (65)

Session 6 — Chair: Greg Lindstrom

  • State-of-the-art Python IDEs (19)
  • Scripting .NET with IronPython (8)

Session 7 — Chair: Titus Brown

  • Extending the life of CVS with Python (31)
  • Making Apples from Applesauce: The Evolution of cvs2svn (46)
  • bazaar-ng distributed version control (72)

Session 8 — Chair: Anna Martelli Ravenscroft

  • Teaching Python - Anecdotes from the Field (41)
  • Osh: An Open-Source Python-Based Object-Oriented Shell (14)
  • SAM: Transforming a commandline tool to Web 3000 (c) (40)

Session 9 — Chair: UNASSIGNED

  • vobject - An iCalendar Library (53)
  • Zanshin: Zen and the Art of Network Client Programming (54)
  • Vertebral Fracture Analysis (6)

Saturday, February 25

  Ballroom A-E Ballroom F-J Preston Trail

Session 10 — Chair: Vic Kelson

  • State of Zope (73)
  • Introduction to Zope Application Development (58)

Session 11 — Chair: Greg Lindstrom

  • Implementation of the Python Bytecode Compiler (45)
  • Developing an Internationalized Application in Python: Chandler a case study (21)

Session 12 — Chair: Chris R. Newman

  • IronPython Implementation (55)

Session 13 — Chair: Titus Brown

  • Gamma: An Atom Publishing Protocol implementation for Zope 3 (67)
  • entransit, a content deployment system (71)
  • New Tools for Testing Web Applications with Python (52)

Session 14 — Chair: Carl Trachte

  • Large-scale, cross-platform synchronization using embedded python (17)
  • Internet Access via Anti-Virus Policy Enforcement Software and Messaging Service (18)
  • Python tools for regional hydrologic modeling in South Florida (56)

Session 15 — Chair: Sean Reifschneider

  • Cuaima MetaInstaller. New tool for managing System's Installations. (13)
  • Packaging Programs with py2exe (26)
  • Building Pluggable Software with Eggs (66)

Session 16 — Chair: Walker Hale IV

  • Introduction to CMF Application Development (59)

Session 17 — Chair: Vern Ceder

  • Extensible Desktop Applications: Abusing the Zope 3 Project (48)
(no talks)

Sunday, February 26

  Ballroom A-E Ballroom F-J Preston Trail

Session 19 — Chair: Steve Holden

  • The Rest Of The Web Stack (39)
  • Effective AJAX with TurboGears (11)
  • Django How-To (63)

Session 20 — Chair: Christian Tismer, Beatrice During

  • Stackless Python in EVE Online (12)
  • Agile open-source methods, Businesses and EU Funding (47)
  • PyPy -- where we are now (38)

Session 21 — Chair: Michael McLay

  • Desktop Application Programming With PyGTK and Glade (5)
  • Simplifying Red-Black Trees (70)
  • Agile Documentation: using tests as documentation (2)

Session 22 — Chair: UNASSIGNED

  • Mission-Critical Python and the Brave New Web (60)
  • Beyond Scripting: Using Python to create a medical information system with graphical template and database schema design (37)

Session 23 — Chair: Beatrice During, Christian Tismer

  • PyPy architecture session (35)

Session 24 — Chair: Sean Reifschneider

  • Docutils Developers Tutorial: Architecture, Extending, and Embedding (62)
  • What is Nabu? (24)


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