Proposal for PyCon India

PyCon is a global community event. We intend to have an Indian edition of the same, in association with BangPypers. The idea is to have all pythonistas from around the country come together and have a good fun pythonic time. The general outline is something as follows:


Community Discussion

Decisions to be made

Please add your name to what you have to say, and try not to edit the opinions of others, you may reorder them though, I guess. -- RoshanMathews


Target audience

We have to decide who the target audience is, or at least the types of different targets. Make tracks accordingly.


Anand B Pillai (abpillai at gmail dot com)

Noufal Ibrahim (noufal at nibrahim dot net dot in)

Parthan (python dot technofreak at gmail dot com)

Venkat (venkat83 at gmail dot com)

Roshan Mathews (rmathews gmail com)


Anurag Priyam (anurag08priyam [AT]


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