Sometimes, it doesn't hurt to play around with programming languages. Python is probably the easiest and most enjoyable language to play around with, so I decided to create this section devoted to playing. Feel free to write a program, edit an existing one, delete an existing one, etc. It's like having an open source python-only playground! Attachments are available for these little code "doodles," but please don't forget to update the attachments page if you make any changes here.

Doodle #1

{{{#A doodle that tells the user what version of Windows they are using, the version, CSD level, and processor configuration. It gives the #win32_ver function of the platform module a nice output engine.

from platform import win32_ver

SystemInformation = win32_ver(release=, version=, csd=, ptype=) print 'Opperating System: Microsoft Windows', SystemInformation[0] print 'Version:', SystemInformation[1] print 'CSD:', SystemInformation[2] print 'Processor Configuration:', SystemInformation[3] print raw_input('Press Enter to quit. ')}}}

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