#python.web FAQ

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for the #python.web IRC channel on Freenode.

Nobody's around! What do I do?

Okay, so nobody actually asks this, but we frequently see someone pop in, ask a question, and leave fifteen minutes later. A half hour later, someone unidles, and would answer the question, but the person who asked it is gone. So, if nobody answers your question, just stick around. We idle a lot.

Can you help me with mod_python?

Sure. Don't use mod_python.

It causes people no end of trouble and was never really a good idea in the first place. Yes, this is our opinion, but it's an opinion that's been borne out by experience. If you think #python.web ought to help people with mod_python, great. Come give help. We can use active people.

More on mod_python from #python.web

What framework should I use?

This is widely considered to be one of the "religious" issues, along with choice of programming editor and operating system. There's also no substitute for experimenting with a wide range of frameworks. A good list can be found at WebProgramming.

That said, people keep asking for our opinions, so here they are:

JonRosebaugh (Chairos) says "Assuming you're interested in a MVC-style architecture, probably the most important consideration is how much support the framework has for WSGI, because WSGI is the direction Python web programming is heading in. Some frameworks enthusiastically embrace WSGI, some have superficial support, and some don't address it at all. I'd recommend Pylons (and TurboGears, once TG2 is out). Django is also good for apps that don't need too much in the way of flexibility."

patx says "I personally like Django. It lets me do everything I need to run all of my different Python web scripts. Google AppEngine is always good too. GAE lets meeasily use Django with my GAE scripts, making it 'double nice'."

If you'd like to add your opinion, feel free to do so; if you'd like to disagree with what one of us wrote here, the best place to do that is probably on the IRC channel.

I need help with FooWeb framework! (Or: Why doesn't it work when I do bar?)

Well, we'll try to help. But we're not experts at everything, so don't be surprised if your question about running FooWeb through mod_python on IRIX goes unanswered. There are times it may be better to seek out a community specific to your framework or toolkit.

Maybe there is also a channel for your framework. Here a list of known support channels on freenode:

Can I bring my IRC bot into the channel?

No. We are trying to reduce idlers, and it so happens that bots are worst of idlers. Sorry.

My question wasn't covered here.

Well, come on in and ask it. We don't bite. Really.


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