When: Thursday and Friday after EuroPython (June 30th-July 1st 2005)

Sprint leader: Maik Röder

Remote Sprinting via IRC is also encouraged!

Plone should use Selenium to build a functional testing suite. Right now, Plone has a proper unit testing framework, but there's no automated tests verify UI functionality. This is becoming increasingly important as Plone gets more functionality added, and more complex operations that may fail because of broken infrastructure.

We should make sure the most important functionality is always tested, and that it works in different browsers. Selenium is an excellent approach to this, and ties in well with how Plone already approaches things from a JS perspective.

The Plone Selenium sprint will start the implementation of the InitialTestingPlan for each Plone component. A testing plan contains all the test cases that need to be run. Each testing plan should describe the methodology used for testing and describe the desired results.


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Interested in Functional Testing and Selenium?

Maik Röder has given a talk about Selenium during the Python conference:

"Selenium Web Application Testing":

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