Pysetup Sprint 2011-04-28 to 2011-05-01

Join members from the 'Pip' team as we work on completing the pysetup script and review the packaging(distutils2) API!

See the sprint goals for details.


Start at 9:00am EST on 2011-04-28.


You can participate online by joining the #distutils channel on freenode and adding your name above.

Sprint Goals


Sign the PSF Contributor Agreement

Make sure you sign the PSF agreement and send it back to the PSF.

Contributor Agreements

Hg repository

hg clone

How to run tests

hg clone
cd cpython
./configure --with-pydebug
make -s
./python -m test test_packaging

You also can run specifuc tests by doing:

./python -m packaging.tests.test_yourtest

How to build the docs

It seems there is a dependency on svn, make sure have it installed before running 'make html;.

hg clone
cd cpython/Doc
make html

Specific Tasks

Sprints run a lot better when there are specific things to work on. Specific tasks will be added to this section over the next couple of days.

* Fix failing tests

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